Friday, November 21, 2008

Cadaver's Stone

The glyphs you etched upon your flesh,
The rich blood that you have shed,
Offerings I eagerly accept, as payment for your debt.
1000 years in human time I bound you to this plane.
Your purpose your desire here has finally been achieved.

Extinguish now the calling candle its flame I plainly see.
The demon Watchers names invoked listening in the dark.
Have granted all you ask, be you sure of these desires?
Proclaim it out for all to hear, be careful of regret.

The list seem overlong, full of useless things
Now I ask dark dreamer what else you seek,
What is it you would have of me?
Do you crave the dark the lonely night?
The hollow place beneath a cold cadaver’s stone

A place others fear, you blindly go so bold.
You tread this fearful path, seem to fear it not at all,
Bravado so intriguing the unholy horde let loose a baleful growl.
Look into my eyes, your destiny rides your folly does appease me.

I scry sleeping horror unrelenting hagridden dreams.
On your list my own little pet sent to taunt and haunt,
A imp of blackest night the essence of infernal evil.
Hell within fear, fear in desire, desire in pain, pain in pleasure
Strength battle the darkness the control of this is in your grasp.

Believe it not I have no care, for you are stronger then he
A man of strength, a man of will, a man who walks the edge
Take the dark hold it tight, create what it cannot
I feel you crawling within my soul think you conquer me?


© Saroya Poirier

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Void

Empty, blank, hollow, crumbled, broken
A shadow, wraith, blending into the night
Unseen being, untouched, unknown

Reaching out nothingness no one
Washed clean unwritten blankness
Hollow significance vague images

Crumbling fragmented infinitesimal being
Broken open bleeding emotions confusion
Void nothingness floating dividing drifting

Lost in the vastness of my own soul
The path scattered undefined cracked
Meaning lost misunderstood perplexed

Waiting standing firm unmoved
Hiding in a trance magical concealment
Unseen by eyes unwanted, waiting

Quiet, rescue comes, confidence of such
Bent up tears fight for freedom
Death is a shadow of time not yet not soon

Indifference a false fa├žade a barricade, protection
Matriarch needed tired stalwart fear unknown
Quiet don't, tell don't say, don't scare them away

©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Soft breath
Gentle movement

Exploring fingers
Dewy silken lips

Quiet moan
Staggered breath

Sharp intake
Muscles contract

Rapid panting
Shivering rush

Hips rocking
Body squeezing

Feather touch
Pelvic thrust

Faster speed a must
Ah, ah, breathy Yes

Deep sigh
Release content

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lay With Me Tonight

Missing you where have you gone
The intimacy of conversation
The emotions you draw
Words that bring passion
Words full of lustful intent
Tales wet, wild, dark unknown

Lonely heart in the mists of time
Body wanting for company tonight
Alone in bed, desire undone unused
Heart unbound, unwonted, unloved
Warm bed, nights long without heat

The dark is my lover all things under cover
Touch desire, greedy with lust
Need for heat, wet scent of sexual love
Gripping thrusting, growling moaning
In my eyes no pleading just demanding
Know my heart, now hurry, welcoming

Bodies lost a lust filled embrace
Muscles tense demanding release
Bodies in motion, slamming deep
Come to me, come to my bed
Come hard, ready I am, let me lead
Burning heat, draining life
Come my love lay with me tonight

©Saroya Poirier

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Age Versatility of Sex

You think because you are young and strong
Can’t imagine the old still get it on.
That sex is yours, not for the old
Ah contraire you are so wrong

You really think because they are old
Those things don’t work down below
Granny still likes to give a good blow.
Grandpa still loves to slide down low.

Grandpa may seem slow to you
He still loves to make grandma glow.
But slow and sure he knows his way.
Grandma and he still love to play

Can’t imagine it makes you cringe?
Sex and grandparents makes you twinge?
Before you scream say it isn’t so
Let me tell you one day you too shall be old.

I wish you firm immediate success
In your quest to suppress
The down low urge of nature’s jest
Most fun, vital, urge

Sunday, October 5, 2008

OH Hell

No chance,
I took a stance
I’ve done this dance
Doubtful romance
I stand in a trance

A relationship doomed
I have been entombed
I demand to be consumed
Pleading to be exhumed

Occasionally depressed
Emotionally repressed
Positively undressed
So damn stressed
Seemingly possessed

Want to cry
Won’t even try
Just get red eye
It has all gone awry
What must this imply?

Damn pissed
Want to be kissed
No reason to persist
Seeming only to subsist
We merely coexist

I have tried to ignore it
Endeavored to implore it
Too tired to explore it
Just plain deplore it
Stand still before it

Oh hell

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Tear

A tear

A single drop

A crystalline tear

Sea water drop

Crashing waves

Black sand beach

Mermaid’s tears

Salt water drop

Icy seas

Rocky shore

Sirens death

Sea of tears

Poseidon mourns

Love is gone

He slips beneath

The great dark sea

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Smell

Sweet smell upon my finger tips
Offering of scent to insight bliss

A little taste my delights
On your tongue I place this night

Parting exposed tender flesh
An invitation for exquisite sex

Hand slips along silky thighs
Between soft flesh fingers glide

My lips warm against your chest
As I taste and inhale delicious scent

Each caress heightens desire
Elevating lust higher and higher

Together soaring to unknown heights
Warmth of candle light fills the night

Started with ambrosiac scent
From a secret place dark and wet

Invited to taste my sweet cream
As I taste your salty stream

Desire, pain, lust, moans and screams
Welcoming arms and midnight dreams

©Saroya Poirier 9/29/08

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A kiss leads to a nip
A nip to a lick
A lick to a suck
A suck to a fuck
A fuck to an OH
A oh to a wow
A wow to a Now
A now to a groan
A groan to a moan
A moan to sigh
A sigh to a kiss
A kiss to tongue
A tongue to a lick
A lick,

To start it all over again

Savage Beast

I spread for you my dark knight
I come to give you nights delight
Man of myth my moonlight beast
Your darkest desires I shall unleash

Wolf of legend in full moons form
Bring me wet craving more
Dark magic challenge then transforms
Under starless skies in a raging storm

Pentagram around the alter set
A circle of power frankincense
Fire burning sword in flames
Words of magic infuse your name

Search the jungle human made
Then mountain forest tangled glade
The shadow of your savage form
Nature’s unnatural carnivore

Not angel seed but demon maid
You think this only a masquerade
Before the sun rises in the east
Mate with me my savage beast

©Saroya Poirier 09/25/08

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am not fooled,
Rain is in our future,
I read it in the cards,
Saw it reflected in the mirror,
Looked deeply into a crystal ball,
Felt it in the winds of change.
Read it in the runes.
Cast the bones of old men,
Detected in the entrails of sheep,
Foretold in the cards,
Transcriptions in papyrus,
Told by the oracle of Delphi,
Reception of psychic impressions,
Saw its imprint in the stars,
Determined its destination,
Heard the sound of water,
Looked out the window,
My intuition flying,


Well maybe not today

©Saroya Poirier


Fantasy climax vivid Lost treasures of sex
No joy in feeling left
Sighs of deep despair
Needs unmet, my regret
Anger burns urge to hurt
Wake up foolish man
Your absence is my pain
Sensuous desires trapped
Now a search in vain
Whose desires to fulfill?
Mayhap it be yours
A passing glance
A masculine scent
Body prepares for sex
Strong demanding
Response pending
Urge to bite, scratch
Growling screaming
Now come now

©Saroya Poirier

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Breasts in need of touch
A moan of remembered delight
Dying to feel another’s skin
A sigh for passionate times

Holding back the tears
They spill in sheer spite
Sensation of trailing kisses
Only memories in my mind

Hands slide through my hair
If only they were not mine
Time dragging me down
Passion fills my mind

Eyes closed, shallow breath
Finding that hidden place
Will it ever happen again?
Memories of passion and delight

©Saroya Poirier

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Purest Silk

Wrapped in veils of purest silk
Body in rapturous movement
In dreams our love complete
We breathe breast against chest
Deny me not my lover mine
Feel the goddess within divine

No other love can fill me thus
Come this night I need your love
The dance of love physical need
Drums rhythm of hearts blood
Flowing drop by drop upon the ground

I die with you no reason to live
Wait my love turn not away
My love is gone left me alone
I die each day my stay is done

©Saroya Poirier

Invasion from Mars

Now that they found ice on Mars, the next thing they may find a government sign.

Men of Mars

As you noticed, it is getting far to Hot on our planet.
All citizens are commanded to evacuate.
Catch the next ship to that puny blue planet next door.
We can conquer the inhabitants, we are strong mighty Martians.
By order of;
The Supreme High Commander of Mars
Thor Thunder Thighs

Women of Venus

Now that we have named our new planet Earth,
It is time to call ourselves Earth Women.
We are intercepting messages from Mars they are preparing an attack.
Prepare for war, paint body parts accordingly,
Be ready to meet the ships as they land.
By order of;
Her serene Highness Ruler of all Women
Venus Moist Mound

Men of Mars

“We have landed open hatch and prepare for battle.”

Private 1st class, slightly confused,
"Commander Thor what is that delicious smell,
My personal battle sword is hard like stone.”

"Drop your shields men, remove you garments,
The inhabitants have assumed a welcoming position.
Find a fitting place and fit right in."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angry Horde

The rain is not enough to wash it all away
Because it is all here laying underneath,
Wet, green, mud, rot beneath our feet
Earth sucking you deep, holding firm,
Releasing only what it does not need.
Wind whipping hair, hail beating down,
Winter in spring, anger bringing despair

Fighting, screaming go away, ripping hair
The urge to kill, maim destroy, must not
Inconsiderate nasty evil things beings
Slammed hard fighting back, screaming
Pain, too much pain, loss, falling coming apart

Winds strong whipping pulling blowing all away
Trees cracking splitting away, screaming as they fall
Tread the cracked earth as it shakes and moans
Clawing up and out of fissures that snap and roar
The dredges of hell come with me armed, ready to play

Scream beg, run, hide I seek the streaming red blood
As it pours from the cuts, slashes of the dark horde
My blood spreads on this land, yours follows soon
Gnashing of teeth, grinding bone, stringy sinew
No place to hide, no place to go, fight the battle

Stand firm on blood soaked ground, lose not your way
All things on the living earth will one day follow the horde
When the earth turns inside out and darkness covers all.

©Saroya Poirier 07/29/08

Monday, July 28, 2008


I watched as he moved through the milling crowd
My breath caught in my throat to see him now
Would he see me here, when others could not
As I pass though time, is it now or is it not

Will he feel my hand if I reach out to touch
His skin I crave its warmth I have missed
Centuries weigh upon my incorporeal being
I miss his smell his flesh, taste of his lips
Feel of his breath on flesh as he kisses my neck

As I journey alone in this world unseen
I have waited for him an eternity it seems
I whisper thoughts desires, enchanted words
Spells ancient as time to draw him to shade

He smiles and laughs as he passes friends
I drift ever-closer press myself to him
No acknowledgement no response, ignored again
So near yet invisible to one I had slain

My head on his chest his breath becomes rapid,
He lives in truth while I wander undead.
His fear I can taste, this close to his heart
He fears the unknown of what he cannot see

Does his soul remember our unholy union?
The feel of his blood as it drained away
His screams, his pleading to stay with me
My shock disbelief as we both died that night

How does he live in this world of man?
Does he not know I have waited for this day?
The day he will come so I may transform
Then I shall be able to bring him over to me

I while away the centuries trapped as I am
I drift on the whims of the winds of time
Waiting for one that waits not for me,
While he dies then is reborn through each century

Friday, July 18, 2008

A to Z Dark Sire

Appealing demeanor strong forthright
Body ripe women swoon at your bite

Candle lit nights, hypnotic gaze
Desire succumb, eyes covered a haze

Ecstasy, breath, physical eruption
Feelings of lust fear of corruption

Gracious in public, a demon at dark
Hot to the touch, bite like a shark

I fight for my life, eternity unending
Jugular ruptured life at its ending

Knight with sword to joust and mount
Luscious in bed, hard to surmount

Man at one time now reigns supreme
None can compare so unreal a dream

Oh, how I quake at your cold breath
Partake of my body in a dance of death

Quaking, shuddering, shivering heat
Real, imaginary he makes me complete

Slaking the thirst a drought of desire
Terror in black, my haunted dark sire

Until times end, evil master of seduction
Visions of blood, war, death destruction

Weapons used to snare the unaware
Xavier practiced death and despair

You took that spark ignoring my plea
Zest for life you have stolen from me.

©Saroya Poirier 7/16/08

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Pear

The fibrous flesh of the full ripe pear
Soothed the dryness of my darting tongue
The fresh aroma of dripping juice
Regenerate my flagging soul
I buried my tongue deep in its flesh
Listening to her erratic breath
The soreness within me vanished
As we out spirits began to soar

© Saroya Poirier 2008


It’s inconceivable to be buried alive in this life
Vanished, invisible, non-existent, unseen
The loam is stiflingly thick in its fibrous depth
Dig deep smell the aroma of rot and death
Smothered in dirt to regenerate the earth
Sounds of earthworm, beetles and roots
Listen carefully to the sound of bodies that die
Feeding the crawly things wiggle in the dirt
Restless mind heavy swimming in muck
Time to crunch on those that munch away my decay
Sounds of the dwellers of daylight seep inside my damp grave
Drawing me out, drawing me up, leaving behind inconceivable death
Clawing up pushing earth, smells rain, animals, human, a treat
Teeth ache, hunger inside pulling free can no longer hide
Come little man, come feed me now, see me not until the dawn
By then little man, your blood will be gone your soul will have flown
Then I will move on, and you will lie still buried in earth
To feed the crawly things that wiggle in the dirt.

© Saroya Poirier 7/11/08

Friday, July 4, 2008

Beneath This Stone

I lay alone beneath this stone, for 100 years or more
The seasons progress overhead, affect me not at all
Long rest
Soft whispers of mortal voices is all I discern
Nay not one gives me pause to cease my unnatural rest
Than upon my stone cold grave an extra weight I feel
Words from a mortal man as he lies upon my tomb
Voice unused throat so dry impossible to breathe
Release me from my cold dark grave the words I try to say
I whisper softly words only meant for him to hear
It’s blood I crave within my grave sustenance I need
With each tap of hammer on chisel my heartbeat starts again
In anticipation, I wait, as with each hit stone falls away
Work faster; strike harder, Chip away at my grave
For what you seek, lies buried beneath, hurry I wait
First bite of your flesh is what I need
Ah, my love you are what I desire
Your request I can fulfill
Come to me, come lay with me awhile
Tis not the end for you and I
But only the beginning

©Saroya Poirier July 4th 2008
1:48 AM

Inspired by a poem by Lance Cheuvront

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Drowning, sliding deep
Water calling restless seas
Beckoning playfully deceptive tides
Echoes lost in crashing waves
Nothing can surpass the days
Things swimming within reach
Fear invading violent shrieks
Sinking floating lulling water
Salty taste upon the tongue
Welcoming arms pulling down
Release the terror with last breath
The sea has won the soul is gone.

June 20, 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

How long must I wait

My body is aching, grab me, and press me close.
Screams echo battering inside my skull.
Raging inside why do you not come?
Invisible tears fill my eyes, hidden and unseen.
This is my life obscured from public view.
Hold me hurt me, my need is great,
Can you not hear, am I all alone?
Come to my call fill me, please!
I languish here, alone among them.
They are blind, cruel do not see this desire.
The lust the crawls through me, hot and wet,
Ready to be impaled, how long must I wait?
I am falling in, can hardly breath.
I ask again, how long must I wait?

June 20 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

Soft Rain

Soft rain falling, gently tapping
Droplets dancing across smooth supple skin.
Rivulets in the valley of full firm breasts,
The pain of nipples puckered on an uplifted chest.
Hands cupped caressing lower guiding flowing water.
Fingers splayed across belly trailing slowly lower.
Mouth slightly opens tongue flicks across lips.
Hair clinging heavily wet against skin
The sound of rain on a summer night,
Soft seeking moans, quivers of passion.
The sirens call of a woman’s need.
Water pooling at heel and toes
Natures touch for a woman,

June 29, 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

Friday, June 13, 2008

Touch Me

Touch me
I find it hard to breathe when you are near.
Hold me
I thrill to your embrace nothing can compare.
Fondle me
I find it hard to wait, your hands make me shiver and quake.
Kiss me
I beg for your lips, my mouth trembles and aches.
Bite me
I scream and quiver at the feel of your teeth.
Suck me
I moan and cry out, please, as you hold me at bay.
Pinch me
I whimper, it hurts don’t stop, as you squeeze my breast.

Your tongue
I feel of the flick against my clit, I open you thrust.

Your fingers
I buck against your hand as your fingers slide in.

Your hand
I lay in anticipation waiting for the slap that stings my ass.
Your cock
I am ready body shaking, begging, fill me, slam me, make me.
Your body
I am complete within your arms sated and well satisfied.

©Saroya Poirier

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The daughter of Demeter banished from view whiled away her time amidst flowers in bloom. Her long flowing hair lifts in the breeze, framing her body like soft black wings. Eyes like Sapphires glisten with tears in a face of such beauty Zeus sent her here. Each night spent searching the sky hoping for a rescue from solitude. With a deep sigh she turns away after throwing a kiss up to the goddess of the moon.

The sound of a flute drifts on night air enticing Persephone to follow with care. Raising her arms, hands reach out, in a touch more delicate then the air itself. Her body swaying in the magic of dance, her fingertips tease hairs on milk-white skin. She dreams of arms that are strong, and warm, lips in a kiss touching hers. The promise of sexual delight held deeply within, her strong young body begs for release.

Inhaling deeply of the sweet scented air, chest straining in motion breasts lifting, shaking, nipples harden in the breeze. Full lips slightly parted desiring a kiss, with promises of shared endless bliss. Her hand a graceful descent tantalizingly slows follow generous curves of a body for love. Touching here, caressing there, grasping, and moaning in clinching release.

Her hips rise, fall twist and shake. Stretching and arching her smooth perfect back, her stomach quivering, muscles tight. Her hips shake in small shimmies, while ecstasy flows erupting from a body unknown to such touch. Her screams of pleasure filling the skies. The scent of her damp sex drifts on the night air, an aphrodisiac to draw her true love near.

Persephone slowly descends a bed of sweet flowers beckons there. Exhausted and sad a pillow of moss for her head, petals falling like snow from the branches overhead, soon cover her form, as in slumber she lies. She awakens to sounds of night birds calling, and then watches the stars in the night sky. Running a hand slowly through her hair, eyes closed, moaning and completely unaware, she is no longer alone someone else is there.

Her fingers playing languidly at the damp curls her sex, wet and ready, the sound of footsteps brings her out of her reverie. Standing before her is the god she shall wed. Tall dark and strong his hand held out to her, take my hand daughter of Demeter and come live with me for eternity. I would have no other you shall forever be mine. Persephone body heavy with desire looks into the face of a Hades, and knows true love. Hades takes her into his arms, kissing her lips as the he spirits her away to rule in his domain.

©Saroya Poirier

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I sit and wonder why
Can you fix what must be
Wrong with me that I cannot see
Me standing there full of desire
That I would give and receive
To someone who would be
Willing to give back to me
Lust sex filled with need
You only need look at me

©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mermaids & Sirens


Wet wild mermaids play

Splashing about in the bay

Swimming dining along the reef

Sirens song hypnotically sweet

Tweaking voluptuous breasts

Promising sensual delight

Enticing sailors in to swim

Then leading them to the deep

Do not fear you will not drown

You are here now for eternity

This is how the mermaid’s mate

Unless you dare, then beware

In the spring, stay away from there.

@Saroya Poirier 6/04/08


The pretty face of ocean maids
Fools an unwary soul
Only captains of long ago
Knew the truth of a mermaid’s song
Teeth as sharp as any shark
Not love their looking for
What maids of the deep truly seek
Are the souls of breathing men
The entrances of Hades lair
Lies beneath ocean waves
For every seafaring man it’s true
Beware when siren’s sing

©Saroya Poirier

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little whimsy


Soft sleek sensuous, wanton
Sighing, moaning responses to touch
A hunter of man, hot wet desire
Licking rubbing undulating
Spread myself for your pleasure
Inviting scent to drive you insane
Here boy, come to me, cum for me

©Saroya Poirier 6/3/08

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Great Rite by Saroya Poirier & R. Paul Sardanas

All things are joined, and so we will celebrate life, the sacred connections that make us luminous in our own bodies, that bring us to the place where youth and wisdom, earth and sky, spirit and flesh, are embraced and exalted. Our coven is gathered, the circle is made, man, woman, man, woman, and in the center we stand, my priestess and I, vibrant heart in a ring of friends. Her back to the altar, mine to the constellations of the South, I look upon a daughter of the Goddess. Life looks to life, calls to life, sings and hungers and reaches to the glory that is life.

The meadow where we will perform our ritual is a gift from the Goddess. Surrounded by trees, their leaves make music in the gentle winds. Each time I am within these boundaries, I feel her magic wash over me. My skin begins to glow, my body hums with the vibrations of the earth. I feel that hands of the old Gods move though my body as I stand facing south. The pillars we have erected for this night covered in English ivy are awash with a soft glow from the torches that lit our path and now stand outside the circle. Within the circle we stand, High Priest and Priestess, prepared and ready. He stands before me magnificent in all his glory, clothed only in his robe. I stand draped only in a cloak of linen with a crown of the phases of the moon. He is my love as I am his, we stand together to bring this ritual to fruition. Soon we will begin. I will call the Goddess he shall call the God. Looking into his eyes, I know the time to begin has come.

I feel deeply changed when I see her, for no one can look on the Goddess, and not be changed. But she is also the woman who passes every day with me, every mundane moment, every simple, sharing breath. Such is the beauty of the moon’s phases, cool swelling to bright, companion to lover. Quietly our friends move one step closer in the circle; the energy of their presence brings our rhythms, body, earth, sky, into the greater circle of our spirits. I step to my priestess, and she smiles, as she smiled when we woke this morning, together in the same bed. The Goddess is radiant in her face, and I am almost overcome with the depth of her graces. My knees seek the grass, and the fivefold kiss opens out from my own center, where the primal man rests, where he stirs, where he wakes. Thy feet are blessed, they have carried thee here across our mother earth. Thy knees shall bend with mine, when the altar receives us. Thy womb is the bed of joy, and sacred, thy breasts are shaped in purest beauty. Blessed be thy lips, that will utter my name as the God enters me. Each place of her I kiss, and the grass crushed by my own knees bends upward as I rise through each phase, to where her breath drinks in the fifth and richest kiss.

As my lover priest places the first of five fold kisses upon my feet, the gentle touch of his lips sends a tremor through my body. His fingers a barely felt but delicate touch on my ankles. I revel in his physical presence, closing my eyes, breathing deeply of the warm spring air, listening to the night sounds of Mother Nature. I feel the approach of the Goddess as she moves among us. A collective sigh erupts from our circle as she passes. I shiver as my lover’s warm breath caresses my skin as he leans in to place the second kiss on my knees. All the while, his fingers trace lightly along my legs. I smell the scent of sage and incense hanging in the evening air from an earlier cleansing ritual. Knowing the progress each kiss will take, I wait in anticipation for the touch of his lips on the juncture of my sex.. The sensation of raw energy from the earth courses through the soles of my feet. I cannot stop the sharp intake of breath as his lips and tongue press against me, my body rocks with sensation of the third kiss. I feel her standing with me, ready to enter me with the final kiss. Powers greater than I have ever felt seem to stand with us. The hairs on my arms rise at the feel of the power surrounding us. The fires at each point of the pentagram flare with each kiss. The quiet chant gains strength and purpose colliding and recoiling with the energy surrounding all of us. My nipples harden of their own volition as he places the fourth kiss upon my breasts and I feel hands not his run down my back. Soft feminine hands, that at the very moment he places the fifth kiss on my lips, seem to become part of me.

I see more than the moonlight limned about her; she has opened herself, and the Great Feminine has entered in. She is more than my wife, and lays, face upward on the yielding grass, arms and legs outstretched, mirror of the pentagram. It is time for our friends to leave. A maiden, athame before her, motions to open the circle, and the coven files away, embracing the night, as we consecrate it for them. Now I too will call, for this is the moment of God and Goddess reunited. I kneel between her feet, and within me a sun begins to burn. Woman is the altar; as we invoke, we adore. The stars circle us, time's beat slows, the dark is understanding. Seed, stem, root, bud, leaf, flower and fruit. Jewel of light, I come to you. She rises up on her knees to face me; I am iron alight. I take her mouth; we are the pathway.. Her tongue is a wave pressed by the tide. I slide the linen cloak from her, the crown comes away in my hand, the moon lies beside us, circlet in the grass. Her hair, loose, stirs in the night breeze, and it is the Primal Man that takes it in his fist, pulling her even closer, poured into the crucible of his arms.

Laying on the warm earth the tickle of grass at hands and feet I feel the earth hold its breath. All around us is the scent of all that is earth. Great Mother, our coven will rejoice as earth accepts the fertility of our bodies; as my consort fills my womb with his seed. I look into the face of the man I love as he begins the next incantation. His aura bright as the God that stands with him; it seems the earth itself waits for the joining of man, woman, God and Goddess. He extends his hand, gazing into his eyes, I place mine in his warm grip. Rising to my knees, he presses his lips to mine, and a surge of power sparks between us. Our bodies glow at this touch of lips and tongue. Goddess and Consort mark this joining with your blessing; as I speak these words, I feel the God merge with my lover. In the distance, the coven’s chant drifts on a gentle breeze, the ebb and flow of many names: Danu, Freya, Hathor, Cyeble, Rhea, Isis, woven with the names of Freyr, Lono, Osiris, Pan, Eros, Hadad, the weaving and binding of God and Goddess. With the caress of each name I slip my hands inside my lord’s robe pushing it free of his shoulders to fall to the ground.. We are now flesh-to-flesh with the power of the Gods flowing through us. He too feels the power as each chanted name floats to the stars. I lay my head on his chest hearing the beat of two hearts.

The touch of her head against my breast brings me to the center of my heart and mind. I am all that a man can be: vessel of a God of life, lover to the woman who is life to me. Her scent fills me, and I twine my fingers into her night-caressed hair, holding her close against me. We have opened the secret way, beyond gates of night, beyond bounds of time. Here, where lance and grail unite, and feet and knees and breast and lips are portals of our joy in living. I lay back, drawing her down with me, so she straddles me; at last I enter her, and as she rides me I hear the voices of all who have come before us, woven into her moans of pleasure, chant without words, of a Goddess who is love. I open my eyes, and a new crown graces her head. The wheel of stars; it frames the Woman Incarnate. For a moment, she pauses there in her rapture, then slips down to lay her body on mine, and we are foot to foot, her breasts against me, her cheek next to mine. Her hands dig into the grass on both sides of my head, sky and earth are one, and I feel the heat from the world’s center rise within me, so that every nerve is alive. All other voices are stilled, save God and Husband, calling to Goddess and Wife, in a flood that fills my cock with the raging fire that is primal and pure beyond every chant, and all names fade into the point within the circle, the One that we have become.

All things Goddess surround me, as my lover’s erection fills me. My soul is open, free to mingle, flow and spread. Even now the grass around us is longer, more lush and alive as the God and Goddess laugh and love with us. The trees surrounding our meadow begin to sway and softly creak as Mother Nature joins in the ritual. The soft exquisite sounds of all things growing are a silent whisper, more felt then heard while the sounds and smells of sex fill the night air. The wet slapping sounds of our bodies in action, our moans and sighs of erotic delight echo off the pillars of our circle. God of the days, Goddess of the nights, bring our urgent mating to fruitful delight. May the Gods of love and lust give strength to my High Priest to complete this rite. May the fertility of my womb accept and welcome his seed. Gazing into his eyes I see his desire, need and love. I increase the movement of my hips as my inner muscles undulate, relax, then clutch his cock. My control slips away as the Goddess takes control of my movements. The frantic dance of the ultimate climax pulses through my being. My body shakes with the strength and ferocity of my orgasm. It is not just I who climaxes but also the Goddess with me. I scream as wave after wave of orgasm rocks my body. The pleasure not of mortal born reaches my soul as I feel my lover begin to moan and shiver in like fashion as he pumps his seed into my womb.

Time returns, and we lay at peace in the grass, once more simply husband and wife. Our touching is gentle now; the fierce consummation of the night is complete. We kiss, and drift together toward sleep, with final whispers of love. When morning greets us, we will rise and close the sacred circle, and return home. But life has been served; earth and sky, spirit and flesh. Life looks to life, calls to life, sings and hungers and reaches to the glory that is life.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Clad only in nature’s garments sat a nymph of seventeen,
Her eyes like sparkling crystals with circles of vibrant green.
She leaned against an old oak tree next to a babbling stream,
Dreaming of starry nights and magic yet unseen.
She sang sweet melodies entwined with magic spells,
To entertain the woodland creatures and pixies in the dell.
Her voice so lovely it drew them all, from king to common fey,
They came from near and far to hear her magical serenade.

He followed the sound of tinkle bells a melody of beauty,
A song so sweet the flowers wept with joy at its singing.
He fell in love with her voice as he moved across the meadow,
A fine young prince from far away who stood quietly in shadow.
Tall and fair with flowing hair was this prince of Fairy,
A perfect match for the nymph who dreamed one day to marry.
In his quest through every glen and over hill and dale,
He sought out a fabled nymph of whom fates had deemed was ready.

The sky clad daughter of a goddess, the son of a fairy king,
Bring the summer flowers, with a wedding in the spring.
Sparkling like sunlight, motes of pixie dust float on air.
Dewdrops on flowers and a sprinkling of rain,
Multitudes of rainbows form a canopy up high.
As the residents of fairy, are summoned by the King.
Nature’s music plays, as she sings a sweet melody,
Of what love brought together by a babbling spring.

One day they will rule, in this land of wild magic,
The land that lies beyond the sight of any not of fairy.
Least you think that you may see, do not tarry long,
For sights not meant for human eyes, can be the cause of harm.
Magic is a wild thing best left to those who see,
With heart not mind and belief in all that should not be.

©Saroya Poirier

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Melting Passion

Melting against the chair
Body only slightly satisfied
Thinking of someone far from here
Touching, moaning passionately
Flesh pulsing, desire increasing
Thighs gripping hips thrusting
Imagining touch hard and firm
Strong hands to guide and stir
Body wet from the heat of day
Desire melting away
Rising to finish the day

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Warm Winds

Warm winds caressing
A light touch of hands
So delicate so unreal
Lips on mine, soft
So light so quick
Stealing my breath
Touching filling
Tasting reaching
Find me pleasure me
Turning missing
Come back
Stay don’t go
Filled with love
Yours no need to ask
Warm winds swirling
Wait don’t go
Don’t go

Please Be Real

Breathing sighing
Breath catching
Eyes closed
Imagining you

Why have you gone?
Were you ever real?
Come back be mine

Touch me,
Crying out
Body aching
Flesh needing

Near, are you near?
Hurry closer
Now, come now
Begging pleading

I can’t see you
Reaching out
Crying, crying
Please be real

Friday, May 2, 2008

Whoa is Me

All lust for somebody they can’t see
Nobody lusts for me, not really
Sweet to say, not something real
Maybe a few minutes in this day
Screaming, screaming, quietly
Can’t run yet, must protect
Save my sanity, save it, lose it
I am the castle where love dwells
I am the knight protector
I daren’t die, the walls will fall
I must be strong stand up tall
Weather the battering winds
It makes me sick it tears me up
So many people depend on me
Yet I have no help at all you see
No one really knows me,
Only whom they think is me
But who is that? Can you see?

Smiling for all who read,
It is this line I want to say,
For fun if nothing else says me.

OH Whoa is me. Poor me, See?
Here’s to you if you read
Have a drink on me, Cheers

©Saroya Poirier May 2, 2008

Part 6 The Lady and the Dark Prince

“You are waiting for my answer!” What do you expect me to say? That I love you and will never leave? That is not what you are going to hear. I loath you and wish to go home, but I” Her voice falters, and she turns her face away from him. Her breasts rise and shake with each ragged intake of breath, and tears roll down her face. She tries to repress any sounds of distress before he can hear them, but it’s too late. Filled with fear at her predicament, the pain she has endured, and the betrayal of her family, the tears will not stop.

He shifts position on the bed and strokes her brow, pushing the hair from her eyes. Distraught, she barely notices the gentle touch. Images of the past weeks flash through her mind. Memories of what has transpired come back; she remembers little bits here and there.

In torment, she pulls against her restraints, screaming, “Let me go, let me go, you bastard. Release me, please, please untie me.” The skin on her wrists and ankles becomes red. Blood speckles the chafe marks. Throwing her head back in anger and frustration, she screams.

He rolls to the edge of the bed and looks at her over his shoulder a disgusted expression on his face. He shakes his head and moves to stand. His eyes narrow he growls at her, “Stop thrashing. You’re hurting yourself.”
He reaches out and grasps her ankle. Angry, yells obscenities and tries to kick him .

“Quiet!” he says.

There is so much menace in that one word, she stops screaming. He grabs her ankle, pulling so hard he lifts her off the mattress, nearly yanking her hip out of its socket, the bindings the only thing keeping her on the bed. Shocked that he lifted her with one hand, she is more afraid of him now then when he whips her.

Her voice comes out in a whisper. “I will do whatever you want just release me.” The bed creaks under her continuing struggles and the sound seems loud “Please, just release me,” she begs, “please.”

He looks the length of her body from her well-formed feet to her tear streaked face, and says, “I may release you from this bed, but you are never leaving this castle, you are here to stay, nothing is going to change in that regard.” Untying first one ankle then the other he examines the damage. Running his fingers over each ankle, pleased that it isn’t as bad as it looked. He lifts her leg higher running one hand down her calf he leaning in and licks the blood from her ankle. Startled she tries to jerk her foot out of his grip; that action only causes his fingers to tighten. She winces’ forcing herself to relax.

Trailing one hand along her body, he traverses the few steps to the head of the bed. Removing the last binding, he examines her wrist as he did her ankles. She watches him and tries not to squirm. He looks into her eyes, turning her hand slowly over he gently kisses her palm. Confused she doesn’t know what is going on. One minute he scares and abuses her, the next he is tender. The complexity of this situation changes from one minute to the next, he treats her like a prisoner, then a lover. He tells her nothing, not her location or his future intentions. Exhausted all she wants to do is sleep. The bed gives as he places one knee next to her instead of going around to the other side; he leans over her body and unties the last rope. Blushing at his nakedness, she closes her eyes and turns away. As he pulls her arm over her chest, his hand crazes her breasts. He sits on the bed next to her and repeats his ministrations, right down to the kiss. He says nothing as he works, then abruptly stands and moves toward the fireplace. The chamber has cooled the fire burning down. Tossing two logs onto the embers the blaze leaps to life causing sparks to fly up the chimney.

Watching from the bed as he retrieves his pants, he says not a word to her. With one last look at her, he leaves the chamber. As always, the next sound is the key turning in the lock.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting Lost

It seems to be the week for getting lost
Putting on a cheery countenance
Making it so no one knows how it goes
They don't seem to want to understand
So don't show anyone an open hand
Find a place to hide that is very, very good
How do they always know just where to look
Looking to find a better place, leave no trace
Cover my tracks, be very quiet, no looking back
There will come a time when they will rue the day
So for now let them have their way, ignore them
I will keep it all in me, hidden so they can’t see
Some day soon, the boogieman will come for them
Then we will see who rules the day, not them, just me
The boogieman is my best friend, so be nice to me
Or it will be you who is getting lost, not me, no not me

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am Yours

Body and soul I am yours
Ready, willing, need you
I cannot rest, I wait for you
Bury your face against my breasts

The dew inside an inviting scent
Taste, touch quiver in delight
Desire fills me, in need of you
I am yours for this while

Lie down, relax, let me touch
Make you hard, stoke and bite
Watch you squirm, use my tongue
Work my way up, kiss the tip

On all fours move slowly up
Do not hurry here I come
Slide my breasts against your chest
Rising up tease and torment

Slick and wet sliding now
Squeeze shiver rock sway
Feel you deep feel you wide
Love the feel of you inside

Hurry not let me ride
Let me dream hold you tight
Let me have this small delight
Bring me screaming in the night

As I wait, as I watch
Wait for you to come this night
Wait to give you all of me
Instead, I cry tears slide cheeks wet

Sighing crying dying inside
To be held, to be loved this is hell
More tears, fears needs fading

©Saroya Poirier, April 2008


I want to rip him limb from limb
Bite and scratch his tender skin
Hit him shake him make him see
All that his is missing in me
Use my nails to rend and tear
Bite his skin until he bleeds
Then you think he’ll want me?
Do not cross me, let me pass
You do not want to taste my wrath
You think me weak, you would be wrong
It’s true what they say about a woman scorned

©Saroya Poirier


You think that I am changing, you might be right
I find myself naked, glaring at the throng.
Their insipid smiles, as they point and whistle.
I have plans to eat them all, as soon as I am able.
Waiting for an arm or leg, to bite and shake
They know not the ferocity of the animal they taunt.
Soon I shall feast on their bones crunch and break
My mighty bite will sent them screaming in flight
Let them laugh, for they are but tasty morsels
I am animal don’t they know, rubbing against the bars
Small and puny hardly worth the time they think
Humans are a waste of human kind, fragile, weak
I look like a kitten to fool the fools
But I will make a meal of their young, make them quake
I need only bide my time, for they think they are safe
But one day soon, I will escape.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Demon

You think I cannot see you,
But I can.
Do not deceive yourself,
I can smell you.
Excitement, fear, a challenge,
Are you sure?
You think I will not?
You are so very wrong.

Come closer, I am here,
Can you feel my breath?
My hand down you back.
Claw’s what claws?
My laughter,
only you can hear me,
Don’t shiver, I don’t like that.

Are you worried?
Does my laughter bother you?
No, don’t move,
I haven’t given you permission to move.
I want you right there,
Just like that.

The rope? Hemp, of course.
Rough oh yes, just enough.
Too tight?
No I will not loosen it,
Just relax,
Why am I laughing?
You’ll see, in just a short while,
Now don’t move.
Aren’t you listening?

You don’t want to anger me;
I am not nice when I am angry.
I love the feel of a whip in my hand.
The weight as I swing it.
I love to watch the blood run.
What is that noise you are making?

I don’t like tears.
But yours I find fascinating,
Cry for me, now.
I can give you a reason to cry,
It will only hurt if I want it too.
And I want it to hurt, very much.
Ah yes, that’s it.
What blood?
Oh that, that’s yours.

Hello? Wake up,

I am not through yet.

©Saroya Poirier March 13th 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Part 5 The Lady and The Dark Prince

Sitting down on the side of the bed, he reaches toward her face, gently caressing her cheek. "You are really quite beautiful, but I am sure you've been told that before." Not knowing whether to answer or not she keeps silent. He leans forward and begins to kiss her, first her eyes and lips. He then nuzzles her neck; she can feel him sniffing her neck before nipping at it, she tries to jerk away but the restraints prevent it. He rests one hand on her breast as he kisses her again pushing his tongue into her mouth, she almost chokes it is so unexpected. He squeezes then teases her nipple, pinching and pulling at it, both nipples become hard almost painful in their tautness. Unable to move her body she tries to turn her face away from him but he takes hold of her chin.

"Hold still."

"Please release me, send me home." Unsure she even wants to go home she feels that maybe he will listen now. She feels compelled to ask, as he is being so reasonable at this moment.

Sitting upright he looks deeply into her eyes, "no, that isn't going to happen."

"I paid for you; you belong to me now."

"What? Paid for me, how do you mean, paid for me?" She tries to pull free of her restraints, all the while staring into his smug face. This is too farfetched to be happening. The thoughts tumbling though her mind cannot be real; her father would not do that. She overheard her father and uncle talking in the study the week before the ball. Uncle had promise to find a way to help with the debt; he promised father he would fix everything. He promised there was a way to insure her younger brother's inheritance.

He promised. The moan escapes her lips before she can stop it, as cold stark realization comes to her.

"You are a friend of my uncles aren't you?" the resignation in her voice unmistakable.

"I have the gentlemen's acquaintance; we have done business together on occasion."

Trying not to cry, a betrayal by someone she loved, family her only uncle, it is too hard to bear. This place, tied to this bed, flogged, it is incomprehensible that her family sold her to be this man's plaything. To be married off yes, but this, no not this. Women married to save the family name, but this is too barbaric. Defeated she becomes quite still, not knowing whether to cry or scream, she does neither.

"I see from your posture you understand what has happened to you."

Unable to answer she nods her head. She feels his hand slide to her stomach and stop; he begins to makes small slow circles around her navel.

"I owned the note on your father's debt, when your uncle offered to pay; I informed him there was only one form of payment I would accept" the smile he gives her could only be described as wicked, then looking into her eyes he said, "you."

"Me, you wanted me?" Looking away trying to gather her thoughts, she knows she has never met him before, has no recollection of ever seeing him anywhere. Why would he want her? Turning her head to ask him more, she stops before she can speak one word. He stands beside the bed naked, breathtakingly handsome, fully erect and ready to take her.

She is breathing so heavily in fear that her full breasts rise and fall in a manner he finds so enticing, that he laughs as he stretches out next to her.

"I can make this pleasurable or painful, the choice is yours." He kisses her, then leaning back, he pinches her nipple again, "well, what is your answer?"

Friday, April 11, 2008


Between my thighs is ecstasy
Waiting to happen
Between my thighs is warmth
For the one who wants me
Between my thighs is the taste of honey
Waiting to for your tongue
Between my thighs is where you belong

©Saroya Poirier 2008

He Haunts My Dreams

He haunts my dreams,
Just out of sight
Somewhere before
The dawns first light

My body throbs
Waiting for him
Alone in my bed
Each passing night

Wanting his touch
The feel of his arms
To be held so tight
I can’t sleep at night

Leave my dreams
Whoever you are
Hear my pleas
Become real to me

I beg you please
Make dream a reality
Leave the cover of night
To enjoy untold delights

Pleasure awaits
He who haunts my nights
I call him,
Come hold me tight

Leave my dreams
Fulfill my desires
Accept my sweet kiss
Against your warm lips

So come my man of dreams
Stop haunting my nights
Disturbing my days
I call you come,
Please come this night

Before dawns first light

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Part 4 The Lady and the Dark Prince

Releasing her from the shackles, he carries her to the bed.
As he places her on the mattress, his hand grazes her breast
causing her nipples to harden. He is pleased when her body
reacts to his touch, she can see it in his eyes. As he walks
toward the door he turns one last time, looking at her from
head to toe, then shutting the door, the last thing she hears
is the clicking of the lock.

Her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep, were his words,
he chose her? Chose to take her from her family, chose to
whip her, and chose to abuse her in the most obscene manner.
Touch her in places she had never been touched before,
in the process bringing her to want that touch! Groaning,
she comes to realize that she wants him to touch her. She has
begun to crave the touch of his hands, the feel of his body
when he enters her. She desires him, how can this be?
So exhausted she cannot even cry as a body numbing
sleep overtakes her.

Three Nights have passed and he has not come, she has been alone.
With the minor exception of a single servant who brings food and drink.
She has tried to speak to the woman who brings her tray.
The woman seems not to understand and only grunts in response
to any queries addressed to her.

When she awoke this evening, there was a dressing gown
across the bed. It is her only garment, besides the bedding since
she first woke up in this castle. The fire in the hearth as always
keeps the room relatively warm, old castles are never without drafts.
Pushing a chair up to the window, she pushes aside the tapestry
and pulls open the shutter; craning her neck so that she may see
just how far it is, and it is a very long way down. With a defeated sigh,
she closes the shutter and latches it back in place, allowing the ancient
worn tapestry to fall over the window. That is strange, she never noticed
that the tapestry before, matter of fact she knows the windows were
not covered she could see the dawn each morning.

Taking a good look around, she realizes she is in a different room.
No chains on the wall only the silk robes on the bedposts, a large
canopied bed, with pillows. When did he move her?
It had to have been last night, quite sure that she had not fallen
asleep in this room and finding it disconcerting and frightening
that she can be moved around without any memory of it happening.

In frustration at her situation, she tries to open the door pulling
with all her strength. Slamming her open palm against the wood
she screams, “Why have you done this, Where are you?”

“I told you why, it is time you accepted it.”

Spinning around her back against the door, chest heaving in fright,
he is there standing by the fire. He wasn’t there before, she would
have notice him.

“Where did you come from, how did you get in here?”
She can clearly see there is only one door and she is standing in
front of it, unless there is a hidden passage somewhere.

“I am here and that is all you need to know.” With a predatory smile,
he moves toward her, she has never seen a man walk the way he does.
Before she even has the time to think about moving, he is standing
directly in front of her. He slams her against the door.

“Now, we start again.”

He drags her by the arm toward the bed, yanking the dressing
gown off her shoulders then discarding it. She tries desperately to
pull away from him, only to have him lift her off the floor and throw
her onto the bed. He starts tying one arm then the other, screaming
she tries to kick him. His vice like grip hurts as he grasps an ankle
and yanks hard.

“Stop now.”

“Let me go, please let me go.” He ignores her pleas as if she had
not uttered a word. Her struggling only makes the robes tighter.
Lying spread open to him on the bed is humiliating. Reaching
behind the bed, he pulls out his whip. Slowly he tickles her face
with the tips then lays it on her breasts. He lifts the whip higher
then starts with a slow figure eight around her full breasts.
Dragging the leather in ever-tantalizing circles, her nipples react,
becoming painfully tight. As she starts to squirm, he moves the
whip lower over her stomach and hips. He begins to walk slowly
down the side of the bed. He follows the length of one leg moving
the whip slowly side to side from groin to thigh, calf, and foot.
Then he walked around the end of the bed to the other side.
This time he starts at her toes and works his way up her other leg.

The light touch has made every nerve ending that the leather
touched almost painfully sensitive. Without warning, he lifts
the whip, swings it and strikes her across the stomach.
She screams out, but it was the sound more then the contact
that scared her. She lies there tears running down her face,
as he begins to coil the whip between her thighs, then lays the
handle on her stomach.

He steps back, removing first his jacket then his shirt, setting them both across the arm of the chair. He walks back to the bed never taking his eyes off her. He is beautiful to look at, his body hard and masculine, she would look away but she cannot, rather she doesn’t really want to look away. Seeing his eyes on her, she begins to wriggle under his scrutiny, in so doing the whip moves between her legs. The small action sends a shock of pleasure though her, unable to control the sharp intake of breath, she lets out a moan.

Her embarrassment intensifies as he roars with laughter.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part 3 Lady and the Dark Prince

She must have passed out, but for how long, time seems to have no relevance here. Not even knowing how long she has been in this place, is it days, weeks, it cannot be longer. When during the flogging did she pass out? Last night the lashes across her body seemed almost gentle at first, sensuous even enticing. She remembers moaning not in pain but in pleasure in the beginning. Then he would stop give her small bites of food and sips of wine before continuing. Kissing and caressing her body making it tingle with shivers of delight, with desire for him. Her cheeks flame at the thought that she had enjoyed what he was doing and that she wanted him to continue.

Then, her eyes tightly closed against the memory, she can still feel the biting of the whip as he became more vigorous with each strike. It was as if he became angry, why was he angry with her, what could she have done chained to the wall to make him react that way? She remembers very little after that. Did he stop then or did he continue? Still suspended from the wall, she rolls her head forward and looks down at her body. There are tracks of dried blood over her breast; unable to see where she is injured she feels a stinging at the side of her neck. The dawning realization that he may be something other then human washes over her. She starts to tremble the fear is returning. Leaning her head back against the wall trying to control her breathing, she wonders if she will ever get out of here alive. Exhausted she cannot even call for help, knowing it would do little good, she sags in her chains. Silent tears run down her face.

A small sound from across the room causes her to look up, he is here reclining in a chair, a throne really, for at one time he had ruled this land. She remembers his saying this that first night in her uncle’s ballroom as all the Ladies fluttered about him. Now he watches her, his gaze sweeps over her and he smiles. His smile is frightening it promises not only pleasure but also tortures she cannot imagine. However, she could never have imagined being held captive and chained to a wall. Closing her eyes in the only way she can avoid his gaze. Then she feels a soft rush of air caress her body. She can feel him, he is standing close to her, and it amazes her how quietly he moves. Opening her eyes she lets out a startled yelp, he is inches from her face.

Her breathing is shallow, her voice a whisper, “why, why have you done this to me?” A small laugh escapes his throat, reaching forward running his fingertips down her arms. Then taking her face into his hands he leans forward and kisses her, a soft kiss unlike any of the others he has forced on her. She finds herself responding to his kiss, she ties to turn her face away but he holds her firmly in place.

“I no longer wish to be alone; it is you I have chosen”

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Lady and the Dark Prince parts 1 & 2

She stands on the battlements a lost and lonely figure.
Wind and rain beat against her, her torn chemise plastered
against her body hiding nothing, revealing all.
Her long black hair whipped loose of its red ribbon by the wind.
Body racked in sobs, tears streaming down her face.
Staring into the storm so confused, wondering how this happen.
That man violated her; he did force himself on her, he must have?
She needs to believe that this, none of this can be real.
She would never have consented to leaving with a stranger.
Let alone allowing any of the things he has done to her.
The marks on her body, the pain between her legs, she was a virgin, but no longer.
The rope marks on her wrists are proof that this is very real.
She cannot be such a wanton; these desires are inconceivable to a woman of her rank.
What are her chances of marriage now, who will want her?
Why did she did she go with him, why did she allow such liberties?
His touch, the look in his eyes, refusing him did not seem an option.

So many confusing questions, the feel of her body pulsing still with desire.
Quivering with pleasure she never imagined existed.
Her lips swollen from his mouth and press of his teeth,
nipples erect, sore, tender from the bite marks he left on her breasts.
Are her tears from the pain he inflected on her body, or from her own shame?
Where is she, how did she come to be here, on this lonely castle wall?
Her last memory is the dancing, the fine company, at her uncle’s home.
That tall darkly handsome man, with eyes as black as a starless sky, he was so imposing.
He seemed to appear in our mists, no one saw him enter.
The low conversation and fear of those around as he walked across the room.
He made his way directly toward her, as if there was no one else in the room.

She starts to scream, scream just in some slight hope of a savior.
Scream as if her life depends on it, and just maybe it does.

“No one can hear you.”

She feels him now behind her. Biting her lip, she turns to face him.

“Come away, I do not want you ill.”

He slides his arm about her waist, guiding her toward the door. He pulled her almost gently away from the crumbling walls. As they walk down the stairs his hand firmly around her waist, she begins to shake. The last vestiges of her bravery gone, her legs can no longer support her weight. As she starts to collapse, he lifts her as if she weighed nothing at all. He continues down the stairs and into that room. She cannot bear to look as they cross the threshold, the shackles on the walls, and the ropes on the newel posts. Her body is shaking uncontrollably in his arms.

His hands seem to burn her flesh where her gown is torn. She does not know how much more she can take. Instead of chaining her again, he stands her next to the bed then rips away the last of her chemise. Thinking he is going to have his way with her again, she tries to yank her arm from his grip. Pulling back the coverlet, he picks her up and throws her onto the bed. She screams, and then as the sound dies away she feels the weight of the coverlet on her body.

“Sleep, I will return”. He blows out the candles, and then with one last look at her shaking form, he closes the door.

Watching him leave the room then the turn of the lock, leaves her alone for now.
She lies naked, huddled between silk sheets, and the warmth of a down coverlet, she is lulled into a dreamless sleep. The first rays of dawn are visible over the mountain as her eyelids flutter closed.

She woke abruptly her body cold, the bedding roughly pulled away from her sleeping form. He stands at the side of the bed, night has fallen, what does the dark hold for her now. She tries to swallow her fear reawaken with his brooding presence.

“Get up.” His manner abrupt and forceful, her fear of him returns and she begins to shake.
There was but two choices for her, rise as commanded or cower naked in the bed and risk what, what would he do this time? Either way she will be naked in his presence. She rose painfully slow gathering what dignity she could muster. Eyes closed, head bowed, she stands quietly waiting for his next command.

“Come to me.” He moved to stand just in front of the shackles; she hesitates just long enough to see him takes a step forward. Fearing more pain, she begins to walk slowly across the cold stone floor. When she is near enough, he reaches out and yanks her against his body. Her still tender nipples become erect against the hardness of his chest and his open shirt. Her eyes closed, reluctant to look at him, he grabs a handful of hair, pulling head back. He crushes her in a kiss so hard it forces her mouth open. Chocking on his tongue, her eyes fly open looking directly into his. Dark black pools look back at her. As he releases her mouth, he smiles and runs a hand down her naked body. She shivers at his touch, but more to her dismay because her body responds to his touch. Muscles low inside clinch; she feels wetness between her legs.

This inability to control her body is humiliating. Breasts heaving with exertion, she tries to push herself away. He holds her in a grip as strong as iron. Yet he is barely hurting her. She begins to cry, she leans into him, he will not let go. She is defeated, he will do what he wants with her no matter how much she tries to resist. Feeling her resistance relax, he places her naked body against the chamber wall and shackles her wrists, leaving her ankles free for now. Taking a step back, he reaches out and runs one hand down the front of her body, stopping first at her breast, and then moving further down slipping his fingers between her legs; he begins to rub little circles about her clit. She tries to move away from his hand. He grabs her crouch and shoves her against the wall.

“Do not move I will not tell you again, or I will secure ankles.” She looks in to his eyes as he speaks, her own eyes getting wider as sees something she had not noticed earlier. His teeth, there is something wrong with his teeth. She begins to scream.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Master Please

Master please, write your prose
Guide me, bring me, write me
I kneel at your feet
Worship at your temple
Filled with horrors
Ripe with sex
Wrapped in your desire

Master please, write for me
Bring me to my knees
The words you write
Make me weep
Make me wet
Have your way with me
I only wish to please

Master please, write your prose
Scare me find the place I hide
Bring me dreams of fear and pain
Visions of horrors never seen
Desires unknown to me
Make me climax with your words
Then make me scream for more

Master please, I beg you write
Write for all who read
Your servants in this endless night
We worship at your feet
You are the guardian of sex and fear
Master of pain and pleasure

Master please

For me

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Reaching Out

Reaching out touching you
Caress your brow, fingers glide
Run my hands down your sides
Arms around you holding tight
My breasts pressed against your chest
Feel your breath, rise and fall
Raise my face and accept your kiss
Absorbing you, become part of you
For this moment, I am yours

An Ancient Soul

An ancient soul, mortal born
Lost his life on a wind swept moor
A century or two before you were born.

Wandering alone on a moonless night
Beset by forces from an ancient fight
They lay in wait, for you to pass
To claim your soul and eat your flesh

Fearsome things from long ago
Under the command of the old dead one
The old one died the night He was born
Leaving a new lord to command the horde

Now he is the Dark and evil Lord
He feeds on fear, your pain and lust
Be careful should he look your way
He will mark you for another day

He enters dreams, makes you scream
You will doubt your very own sanity
He is mist and shadow, hard to grasp

He is here, there, but never seen,
To see him will mark your death
So close you eyes, be downcast
Hold your breath and let him pass

Tall, dark he seems to fade
Into shadows night or day
He commands the hounds of hell they say
If you hear the howling come your way
Time to run I would not stay

He holds the chains of terror close
But smiles when he smells his foes
To loose the hounds on those he hunts
It is the game he desires most

Time to run, He comes for you.

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Dark Cold Night

The Dark Cold Night

Cold settled over me in my repose
Unable to rise and find the cause
Body shivers fear crept near
Battering the corners of my mind
A gentle hand from nowhere came
Eased my rest held the dark at bay

Soothing my body to restful sleep
Warmth infusing to soften dreams
Reaching out giving pause
Gentle touch stilling breath
Wondering what would come next

My plea for unbroken sleep denied
I must appease the god of night
With dreams between dusk and dawn
The creeping nightmares come

I am dream not real it seems
I seek to find release in a touch
It is fear and pain that comes to me
Exquisite pleasure fills my dream
Gifts of a dark and powerful god

He haunts the midnight skies
In search of those in restless sleep
He sees the secrets that we keep
Things we try to hide inside
He knows our most frightening fears
Those things draw him near

It is our dreams he strives to own
Those who fear the dreams he gives
Turmoil of unconscious thoughts
Those who shake and scream in sleep
Until the dawn when he must part

Leaving in his wake, broken bodies
Disturbed minds scatter thoughts
Saved only by the light of dawn

Impatient always for the dusk
When he can hunt again
In search of those of restless, sleep
And a dark and powerful god

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Time, about teen age sex

I was only 13; he asked my name
I saw you at school; he said with a smile
Me face lit up, I blushed to my toes

I was so thrilled, I loved his dark hair
My first boyfriend, in my new school
I looked at the ground, told him my name
He walked me home that very day

The rules were simple no boys when I’m gone
Other then that, a boyfriend is fine
Ask him on over, let me meet him

He was 16 an Army brat
Traveled the world, born in France
It started so slow, nothing too much
Then innocent kisses, exploring hands

Mom was so busy, always away
After a while it was okay
He stayed in the evening
The touching changed
Take off your bra let me touch you

As the months past he broke my resolve
After my birthday everything changed
We went to movies did nothing but kiss
Afraid to touch him, embarrassed to try
His mouth on my lips; his hand on my thigh

Each time we met my defenses grew thin
My panties were next his fingers went in
He seemed very please, I did want he asked
He ran his hand up over my breast

He took my hand said hold this
I was so scared, the skin was so soft
I pull away embarrassed, and shocked
Then finally one day I gave it a try
He breathed so hard seemed very pleased
I did it right he smiled at me

After some months we went all the way
In my very own home in my very own bed
I lay underneath, he pushed it right in
It hurt just a little then we were though

Over the months we did it quite often
I’d lay very still till he was done
He got so angry then he said
You should be moving under me

Not laying there doing nothing at all
Buck and scream; scratch my back
That's what you should do, not lay there like that
It’s supposed to feels good, don’t you want me?
I didn’t understand It felt like nothing to me

He drifted away it never felt good
Then a year later I met someone new
This guy was hot I got so excited
I was dating a boy who was 19
I was 15 he was older then me.

That’s it, now you know, that’s how it was for me

The new man, is the father to my oldest son,
and yes I was pregnant at 15.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Met a Young Man Who Was Built like a God

I Met A Young Man Who Was Built Like A God

I met a young man who was built like a god.
The kind that the Greeks of old used to carve,
Eyes that smoldered like smoke over fire,
Lips meant for kissing, I was wet with desire.

His hands were strong, his fingers so long,
Muscles that bulged, not to much, just enough,
I pulled off his belt his zipper came down
His pants hit the floor and I took a shy glance.
My eyes fly open; my heart skipped a beat,
I thought I was dreaming that man was so blessed.

I wasted no time, removing my dress,
He gave a low whistle I smiled and blushed.
He pulled me up close, we groped and we touched.
We fell on the bed; then he sucked at my breast,
He used those long fingers until I saw stars,
Then munched on my muffin like no one else did.

I thought it was heaven, I was sure that it was,
Then he moves up my body and slides it right in.
We started up slow just finding our way,
Then he started to pump in an unusually way.
It took but a minute for me to decide,
The problem rhythm his timing was off.
I would pull back he would push in,
I would push up he would pull back.

I did best to match his stride,
I waited to thrust then waited again.
Then in frustration, grabbing his hips,
I did my best to try to assist.
He seemed not to notice kept kissing my lips,
I could not believe it, such a disgrace,
A beautiful man who could not keep pace,
I asked him so sweetly, please let me on top,
Then gave him a push and over we plopped.

He laughed and he smiled kissing my tits,
I matched his laugh and straddled his hips.
Slipping his member over my clit,
Then lifting up high I slide it back in,
Then down his full length and started again.
He wanted to help so he started to push,
I leaned on his chest told him desist
I looked in his eyes and started to rock,
The faster I went the more he cried out.
My breathing got fast I started to climb,
My climax was close; I knew it was time.

I grabbed at his hands and wished for a rope,
I kissed him so hard he started to choke,
I back off his mouth shoved my tongue in.
His hands on my breasts squeezing them tight,
I climaxed so hard, I screamed with delight,
He yelled, “Here I come” and he thrust me up high.
I collapsed on his chest we needed a rest.
He said that was great, let’s do it again.
I laughed, he sighed, oh what a night.

Hugging me close he whispered so sweet,
To a dance we should go next time we meet.
Holding on tight, I gave a shy glance,
Then touching his cheek, I said not a chance.
But I'll cook dinner I said with a blush,
Then we can continue where we left off.

©Saroya Poirier

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Have you ever met a man so small?

Have you ever met a man so small you couldn't find his cock?
If you touched him fully dressed you couldn't feel his cock at rest?
Have you ever stroked a cock so small it barely fills your hand?
Yes, I'm really speaking to you, Of a fully grown man.
Have you ever seen a cock so small you could swallow it balls and all?
When he got you wet and wild, mounted your thrusting body,
You begin scream, Put it in, with his groin against your body.
Then you realize that he has, too embarrassed to say another thing?
He does his best, leaves your bed, a warm hug, was that a grateful smile?.
He didn't you get off, you smile sweetly no need to give him hurt.
You walk him to the door, a good night kiss a wave goodbye.
As you turn around, shake you head, you vow to never sleep with him again.

After many years have past,
After he has breathed his last,
Then and only then, did I write
One does not hurt a loving knight.

Saroya Poirier

Friday, February 29, 2008

Re-Vamp-ed, some changes in Midnight Lover

Midnight Lover

He comes to her when all sleep
Gliding through the door
He comes on wings of silent flight
Like no other dream before
He comes to her in dark of night
He is her midnight lover

In dreams of such disturbing sleep
Visions of pain and pleasure
Offerings of blood so sweet
Promises her phantom lover

Unknown pleasure touches her
Darkest passion calling
Come to me my wicked beauty
Calls her demon lover

Words intense full of passion
Commanding my attention
You asked for this my little witch
You called me from my place of rest
States her midnight lover

Whip in hand he holds her tight
Stand so I may bind you
Your pleasure shall be mine this night
With each strike upon you
Obey I say, there’ll be less pain
Promises her phantom lover

The strength of his arm is tempered
With the whips rise and fall
He owns her soul, her will is gone
Her pleasure is what drives him
As the sting of the whip caresses skin
She knows he’s real, not a dream
She’s found her demon lover

He brings her screaming for his touch
His fingers over whip marks glide
Causing skin to tingle, his hand she starts to ride
Her squirming clinching body, causing him to smile
His teeth descend, He Bites, her blood is his this night
Moans elicit from her mouth full of dreadful pleasure
For this night is her last, as she rides her Midnight Lover

©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Adrift in dreams

Lost, getting lost in the dream
Young, strong, in another time,
In another place.

Lost, alone, but not alone
My body fills with want, need, desire..
To be touched, caressed, kissed. such urgency,
Such need,for this I dream.

So subtly touch,
A feather light gliding of fingers across my skin.
Touching in all those soft and secret places.
A soft tingle that continues for hours,
Bringing to me want more,
Making my skin twitch, my breath catch.
To stretch and move, arch,
Sliding my body over the sheets.

But who, who will fill me up
Make me scream with desire
Who will build the fire that brings
My passion, unleashes my desire

Who will let me scratch and bite,
Take such time as I need,
Building to that point of no return
Bringing that eruption, so hot then so cold.
Spreading a limpness of body,
Collapsing in calming peaceful sleep,
Each night I dream him,
A different name a different look.. a different feel of him.

No man, every man, but what man
Where can he be, Whose arms hold me in dreams

©Saroya Poirier

The Passionate Dance

Knelling before him
Eyes down cast
Finger tips touching
Breath across flesh
She leans in to smell him
Drawn to scent

Face to his body
Her lips on his skin
Tentative kisses
Teeth bared for him

Tasting his essence
Smelling his need
She takes him inside
Then waits to proceed

A flick of her tongue
Teeth biting flesh
She finds it exciting
This passionate dance

Her body on fire
His needs she will meet
Her gaze rises to him
As she sits at his feet.

Skin calling skin
Hunger and need
The smell his blood
Is all that she needs

She sinks to the floor
In a sexual trance
He laughs at his pleasure
In her passionate dance

© Saroya Poirier

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It’s me, is it too late

Shock, disbelief

It’s you, you called

He speaks, I sigh

I’m touching you

I want you here

Wish I was there

Too excited to speak

Moaning in delight

Don’t stop, please talk

The pleasure is mine

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sexual Frustration

Muscles tired, joints ache
Your climax near
You are there
It starts, you scream
DONT stop

He comes

Laying there without release
You find you want to punch him
Anger courses though your mind
You resist the urge to hurt him

He rolls over

Tears running down your face
Shaking in frustration
Sexual tension rides your body
You roll over and face him
Reaching out to touch back
Maybe you can coax him

He snores

Your had freezes in midair
You draw it back again
Bow your head against your knees
And cry out your frustration

Once again, it is over

(C)Saroya Poirier


She demands
She placates
She begs
She bites

She whimpers in need
She quivers and sighs
She scratches and moans
She pleads and cries

Nerves stretched tight
She shakes with delight
She thrusts and arches
In anger she screams
Now, right now

She bucks to his touch
Shivers beneath his hand
She begs this time
Desperate for more

He covers her body
Ready yet still
He commands her yet
Bends her to his will
Two words not spoken
Her answer to hear

Say please,


Thursday, February 21, 2008



Come with me
Come to me
I await you

Be with me
Be mine
For a while

I will
I want


© Saroya Poirier

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun in the Bath


I love my bath

Body Fluids

Spit and sweat, mingled bodies
Sperm in her slick canal
Moist and warm, griping muscles
His and hers, working as one
Sweet and salty, the tastes of passion
Wet and wild, breasts heaving in action
Body to body, hot and groping
Slipping, sliding in frantic commotion
Orgasms pounded groin to groin
Fantasy, ecstasy, sex and nature,
Living life erotically, brings me pleasure
Know that I am here, know that I am ready

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midnight Lover

My Midnight Lover

He comes to me
When all sleep
Gliding through the door
He comes on wings of silent flight
Like no other has before
He comes to me in dark of night
He is my midnight lover

In dreams of such disturbing sleep
Promises of pain and pleasure
Offerings of blood so sweet
Promises my phantom lover

Darkest passion calling me
He is like no other
Come to me my wicked beauty
Calls my demon lover

Words intense full of passion
Commanding my attention
You asked for this my little witch
You called me from my place of rest
States my midnight lover

Whip in hand he holds me tight
Stand so I may bind you
Your pleasure shall be mine this night
With each strike upon you
Do as I say, there will be less pain
Only pleasure beyond your wildest dreams
Promises my phantom lover

The strength in his arm is tempered
With each swing he takes
He wants to possess her,
To bring her like no other
Her pleasure is what drives him now
As the sting of the whip caresses
She knows he’s real
He’s not a dream
He is her demon lover

He brings her screaming for his touch
His hands over whip marks glide
Causing skin to tingle, his hand she starts to ride
Her squirming clinching body, causing him to smile
His teeth at ready now, He Bites
Her blood will give him pleasure
Moans elicit from her mouth
Feeling pain and pleasure
For this night is her last
As she rides her midnight lover

Monday, February 11, 2008



Rain is the caress of mother Gaia.
Thunder is her reprimand.
Earthquakes are her rolling over.
Magma is her blood moons flow.
Her legs in motion of creation,
The ebb and flow of oceans tide.

Tornadoes are her sweeping hands
Her body is the play ground of man.
She cares little for what we do,
We think to change the way she looks.
We try to make the land stay put.
Land or sea it matters not,
She sweeps it all away.
Great winds blow when she breathes,
Hurricanes dance from sea to land.

She is the mother of us all,
Her black rich skin provides our soil,
Her tears our waters flow.
Without her we would not exist,
She tries to let us know.
She was here from beginning,
She will be here till the end.
When we are gone, and she has rested,
She will start it all again.

Gaia the eternal one.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The lack of sex
I am mourning the lack of it.
The desert scorching lack of it.
The dying in the desert lack of it.
Shriveling up lack of it.
The dying need of it.
The desperate want of it
The hot wet screaming desire for it
I want to fuck, hear me fuck
I need to be fucked
Good and fucked
Left exhausted fucked
Can anyone hear me?
Oh to touch a man’s erection
To feel that oh so soft skin
To taste him, lick him, squeeze him
Just the thought of it makes my hands tingle
My mouth water, tongue wanting
My crotch throbs, contracts, pulsing
Alone in my bed, no man there.


Surrounded by desert
Deserted in my home
Undesired untouched
Needing to be love
It can’t be me
I’m a sexual being
Desire runs though me
Looking for escape
Waiting to be taken
Going unused
Building to overflow
Relief is needed, wanted
Raging grief
Give me relief

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Tears falling
Lost without love
Alone in a desert
Feeling Unloved
Body untouched
Desire unfulfilled
Needs unmet
Desolate no warmth
Intimacy required
None to be found
Find me
Before it’s too late

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dreams of a restless man

Dreams of a restless man

Dreams interrupted Body unstill, restless sleep
Driving companions away
She is there, on the edges of trance
Reaching out to soothe, offer solace
Almost touching, a hand outstretched
My wakefulness drives her back

Coming night sets my hopes afire
At the edges of my sleep,
Comes the sensation of her presence
Spells intertwined written in the air
She steps though the veil of Morpheus

Stretching above me
Covering me with her soothing aura
Her sweet breath against my cheek
Whispering words I can only feel
I ache for her touch, I dare not embrace her
I will not break the spell, nor chase away the dream

She begins to fade, the dawn is coming
I reach for her, she is gone
Only an hour has passed, sleep again eludes me
Rising from my bed, I do what I do

Dedicated to Lance

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Bath

Lying back in the tub
Bubbles caressing my body
The water, hot, sliding down, head back
Breathing, eyes closed
Feet slide up the wall, legs falling open
The jets massage my shoulders
Bubbles moving though my hair
Half floating, relaxing
My attention is drawn lower
Jets meant for knees
Are directed at my sex
A relaxing beat of water arouses me
A man in dreams not yet known
Not yet kissed, a voice unheard
It is his hand I imagine
Beating the tableau upon my sex
Beating, beating, so close, so close

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Woman's Life

Woman’s life

I am a young maiden
Full of excitement and yearning
Opening my heart to all who come calling
A future bright, so much to learn
I am a maiden forever only adding to life

I am a young mother
Belly growing, infant kicking
Breasts full of milk, suckling babe
I am a mother forever that will not change

Grand mother now, crone I am called
My children are grown, gone from my home
Their children now come to me at my call
In the palms of my hands I offer sweet love
I am a mother forever that will not change

Maiden in youth, mother to be, crone in good time
I am all these you see, all at one time
In me they reside, offering love, adding to life
A maiden untried, a mother so young
Now grandmother to those that I love
I am all of these forever that will not change

Friday, January 25, 2008

Drummer's Soul

Drummer’s soul by Saroya Poirier

The soul of the drum
Lives in the hands of the drummer
The strength of fingers, caress of the hand
The sound resonates in the heart of his dancer
Chest rising and falling with staccato beat
Small tight pelvic thrusts as her body shifts slowly side to side
His rhythm strong, her body reacts to the stroke of his hands
Her butt twitches, clenches, thrusts with each dum tek
The speed of her movement dictated by the drum
Her diaphragm makes quick small flutters, breathing shallow,
She is lost in a trance hearing only the drum
Sweat running between her beasts
She is the drum, yours to command
She only responds to the dum tek- tek tek dum
You lead her body in movement
She follows in passion
Drum my lord, drum
She dances only for you

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Handmaiden's Gift

By, T. A. Mennie aka Saroya

Handmaiden’s Gift

They descend on the wind
Laughter upon a gentle breeze
Moving amidst the trees
Bodies moving with grace and ease.
They are the handmaiden’s of the Goddess

Enter their realm, the portal is open
Take the hand offered, warm arms, gentle kisses
They shall caress your sprit, bring you to your knees
Your desires shall be theirs, your needs be satisfied

Passion and desire is their gift, to ease a tortured soul
Be not hesitant; fear not this magic night.
Do so quickly before Goddess’ breath is heard
Upon the winds of dawn, calling her maidens home again,
For the magic will be gone.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Without dreams I am lost, alone, unfulfilled
In dreams I am whole, alive, loved
I walk in beauty, strong, agile
In dreams I am magic, desired, touched
Wanted by all, desired by many
In dreams I am the goddess
She who gives love, pleasure, warmth
In dreams I dream of you

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I met him on the Internet Erotic fiction xxx

I met him on the Internet. I know, before you say anything at all, I shouldn't have.
But when the chance came to meet him in person I couldn't say no.
Don't tell me I am too old for this, I don't care. So just keep your opinions to yourself.
Oh alright, so that isn't true, I do care. But I really need you to understand.
This is my life after all and this is something I wanted to do.

I haven't had sex in longer then I can remember and I want sex before I croak. Hell at this rate I will be a virgin again. Besides, if you were me and waited this long for the kind of sex you always dreamed of, you'd have gone anywhere to get it too. I even gave him an out, if he found he didn't really want to do me, I would just be a tourist for a few days.

So now here I sit, astride this beast of a man, sweat running down my back, the hair around my face damp against my cheek. I lean forward, my hands on his chest, gasping for a breath. I plant a kiss on his lips, nipping at his bottom lip, tugging. Looking into his eyes with a, the devil made me do it, smile on my face. Laughing, all the while squeezing his erection. Relaxing, squeezing and griping as tight as I can. That Kegle exerciser came in handy, that and a lot of hard shimmies. Another small laugh escapes my lips.

“Are you alright?” “Did I hurt you?” My eyes scan his chest. I slide my hand across to wipe the blood away. My nails have scratched deeply during my wild ride upon his body. His smile says it all. His chest rumbles as he growls.

“Will you release me now,” he asks, looking at the ropes binding his wrists.

“Not yet, I am not finished yet,” smiling as I say this.
“I like having you inside me while I use your body to masturbate.” My hips start sliding forward and back, slow at first then as fast as I can. Hip joints aching from being in this position for too long. Head thrown back, my chest heaving, all I can think about is how it feels, nothing else seems to matter, all the while his cock beats back and forth inside me. Holding my rhythm I haven't been careful and his cock slips out of me with a snap. I cry out and quickly guide him back inside. A small sigh, a low moan escapes my throat, biting my lip as I change direction, making small circles with my hips. “I'm sorry; I didn't mean that to happen. I hope I didn't hurt you.” He grunts, adjusting his hips, so he is in the right position to help.

“It happens, I will be fine.”
“I want you to tell me,” He asks, “what does it feel like when you come.” Pushing his hips a little higher, so his cock is buried deeper inside me.

“What?” I let out a low moan followed by a sharp intake of breath. “Now” I groan, “you want to know this now.” I can't help but whimper at his demand. I feel the beginnings of my climax; I want only to think about that. If I lose concentration now I will lose the climax. Goddess help me, but I need this, need it bad. To have a real man inside of me, not some rubber vibrator from that lovers store. He is a real, live, a solid man. Strong, with strange tastes in sex, a dream come true. At least MY dream come true.

He laughs, “yes right now, while it is happening. Tell me.”

“No” I plead, “not now,” this said with a deep body writhing moan.

“Yes” he demands as he grabs my hips. Startled, I realize he isn’t tied to the bed any longer.

“How” I stuttered, “how did you get lose?” Ragged breaths escape as I try to focus on him.
Laughing, “You don't tie a rope very well; I have been loose for quite a while.”

He reaches up and squeezes my breast. “Now” he says, “tell me.” He squeezes harder, a look in his eyes that brooks no refusal. I wince, I want this, but no one has ever done this to me before. I don’t know if I can take it. A deep moan starts moving up though my body and that icy spot deep inside me gathers strength.
“Talk” he demands again. I can barely but two words together and the man wants me to talk. My legs are starting to shake, even in this position.

“It’s cold at the very center, so cold” another ragged breath escapes. “It starts to radiate” I hold my breath.

“Go on” he says. More whimpers, who would have thought I would whimper.

“It is starting to spread out, ah, ah,” a long moan, I hang on to his chest as if I would fall off if I let go.

“More tell me more,” he reaches up and grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls. My body shakes with my breathing.

“It,” I am panting now. “It slowly radiates out, to all parts of my body.”
“Oh I’m coming, now” I groan.

“Tell me” he says fiercely, his voice goes deeper, “Tell me.”

“I tingle; I tingle all over,” more moaning, “from the roots of my hair all the way down my spine. My skin gets sensitive to the touch.”
“AH, ah, oh,” I collapse onto his chest. The feel of his skin and scent of his body is intoxicating.
The next thing I know I am laying on my back and he is on top of me, pounding away between my legs.

“You want this” he says.

“Yes, oh yes,” I respond. “Harder, come into me harder.” He increases the strength of each thrust.

“Oh, oh goddess I am coming again.”
This time I scream, “Don’t stop, don’t stop”.
I hear him laugh, that deep rumbling laugh.

“I won’t stop,” he pants, “when I am finished with you, you won’t be able to walk for a while.” At that he growls, staring into my eyes. I can feel the strength of him. Then he increases the speed of each hard thrust.

“It hurts, it hurts”. I writhe under him. Years of dancing has kept me limber. But it has been more years then I remember since I felt like this.

“Do you want me to stop” he asks, never breaking stride.

I almost scream the words, “NO, don’t’ stop”.

“Are you sure,” he isn’t stopping but he wants to be sure this is what I really want. I manage a wry smile. My body undulating and I can’t stop the moans produced by the pleasure of his body, the feel of his skin. Both my arms are around him. Finger nails digging into his back.

“Don’t stop, it hurts, but it hurts so good.” I manage to say this as I move my cheek against his shoulder. I haven’t had a man care about my pleasure in so long I can’t believe what is happening. If this is a dream, please don’t let it stop. Every inch of his body sings against my skin. It is magical, fantastic, oh goddess I am coming again. At this rate I am going to set a record for myself.

So again, here I am, having sex with a man I met over the internet. Just fantasizing about this guy got me hot. How could I refuse to come here? I ask you, how could I refuse? There is only one down side of fantasy, what if it really is all in my mind?

I don't know at this point what will stay and what will go, if it is finished, or is there is more.

Saroya Poirier