Friday, November 21, 2008

Cadaver's Stone

The glyphs you etched upon your flesh,
The rich blood that you have shed,
Offerings I eagerly accept, as payment for your debt.
1000 years in human time I bound you to this plane.
Your purpose your desire here has finally been achieved.

Extinguish now the calling candle its flame I plainly see.
The demon Watchers names invoked listening in the dark.
Have granted all you ask, be you sure of these desires?
Proclaim it out for all to hear, be careful of regret.

The list seem overlong, full of useless things
Now I ask dark dreamer what else you seek,
What is it you would have of me?
Do you crave the dark the lonely night?
The hollow place beneath a cold cadaver’s stone

A place others fear, you blindly go so bold.
You tread this fearful path, seem to fear it not at all,
Bravado so intriguing the unholy horde let loose a baleful growl.
Look into my eyes, your destiny rides your folly does appease me.

I scry sleeping horror unrelenting hagridden dreams.
On your list my own little pet sent to taunt and haunt,
A imp of blackest night the essence of infernal evil.
Hell within fear, fear in desire, desire in pain, pain in pleasure
Strength battle the darkness the control of this is in your grasp.

Believe it not I have no care, for you are stronger then he
A man of strength, a man of will, a man who walks the edge
Take the dark hold it tight, create what it cannot
I feel you crawling within my soul think you conquer me?


© Saroya Poirier

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