Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Void

Empty, blank, hollow, crumbled, broken
A shadow, wraith, blending into the night
Unseen being, untouched, unknown

Reaching out nothingness no one
Washed clean unwritten blankness
Hollow significance vague images

Crumbling fragmented infinitesimal being
Broken open bleeding emotions confusion
Void nothingness floating dividing drifting

Lost in the vastness of my own soul
The path scattered undefined cracked
Meaning lost misunderstood perplexed

Waiting standing firm unmoved
Hiding in a trance magical concealment
Unseen by eyes unwanted, waiting

Quiet, rescue comes, confidence of such
Bent up tears fight for freedom
Death is a shadow of time not yet not soon

Indifference a false fa├žade a barricade, protection
Matriarch needed tired stalwart fear unknown
Quiet don't, tell don't say, don't scare them away

©Saroya Poirier

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