Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I met him on the Internet Erotic fiction xxx

I met him on the Internet. I know, before you say anything at all, I shouldn't have.
But when the chance came to meet him in person I couldn't say no.
Don't tell me I am too old for this, I don't care. So just keep your opinions to yourself.
Oh alright, so that isn't true, I do care. But I really need you to understand.
This is my life after all and this is something I wanted to do.

I haven't had sex in longer then I can remember and I want sex before I croak. Hell at this rate I will be a virgin again. Besides, if you were me and waited this long for the kind of sex you always dreamed of, you'd have gone anywhere to get it too. I even gave him an out, if he found he didn't really want to do me, I would just be a tourist for a few days.

So now here I sit, astride this beast of a man, sweat running down my back, the hair around my face damp against my cheek. I lean forward, my hands on his chest, gasping for a breath. I plant a kiss on his lips, nipping at his bottom lip, tugging. Looking into his eyes with a, the devil made me do it, smile on my face. Laughing, all the while squeezing his erection. Relaxing, squeezing and griping as tight as I can. That Kegle exerciser came in handy, that and a lot of hard shimmies. Another small laugh escapes my lips.

“Are you alright?” “Did I hurt you?” My eyes scan his chest. I slide my hand across to wipe the blood away. My nails have scratched deeply during my wild ride upon his body. His smile says it all. His chest rumbles as he growls.

“Will you release me now,” he asks, looking at the ropes binding his wrists.

“Not yet, I am not finished yet,” smiling as I say this.
“I like having you inside me while I use your body to masturbate.” My hips start sliding forward and back, slow at first then as fast as I can. Hip joints aching from being in this position for too long. Head thrown back, my chest heaving, all I can think about is how it feels, nothing else seems to matter, all the while his cock beats back and forth inside me. Holding my rhythm I haven't been careful and his cock slips out of me with a snap. I cry out and quickly guide him back inside. A small sigh, a low moan escapes my throat, biting my lip as I change direction, making small circles with my hips. “I'm sorry; I didn't mean that to happen. I hope I didn't hurt you.” He grunts, adjusting his hips, so he is in the right position to help.

“It happens, I will be fine.”
“I want you to tell me,” He asks, “what does it feel like when you come.” Pushing his hips a little higher, so his cock is buried deeper inside me.

“What?” I let out a low moan followed by a sharp intake of breath. “Now” I groan, “you want to know this now.” I can't help but whimper at his demand. I feel the beginnings of my climax; I want only to think about that. If I lose concentration now I will lose the climax. Goddess help me, but I need this, need it bad. To have a real man inside of me, not some rubber vibrator from that lovers store. He is a real, live, a solid man. Strong, with strange tastes in sex, a dream come true. At least MY dream come true.

He laughs, “yes right now, while it is happening. Tell me.”

“No” I plead, “not now,” this said with a deep body writhing moan.

“Yes” he demands as he grabs my hips. Startled, I realize he isn’t tied to the bed any longer.

“How” I stuttered, “how did you get lose?” Ragged breaths escape as I try to focus on him.
Laughing, “You don't tie a rope very well; I have been loose for quite a while.”

He reaches up and squeezes my breast. “Now” he says, “tell me.” He squeezes harder, a look in his eyes that brooks no refusal. I wince, I want this, but no one has ever done this to me before. I don’t know if I can take it. A deep moan starts moving up though my body and that icy spot deep inside me gathers strength.
“Talk” he demands again. I can barely but two words together and the man wants me to talk. My legs are starting to shake, even in this position.

“It’s cold at the very center, so cold” another ragged breath escapes. “It starts to radiate” I hold my breath.

“Go on” he says. More whimpers, who would have thought I would whimper.

“It is starting to spread out, ah, ah,” a long moan, I hang on to his chest as if I would fall off if I let go.

“More tell me more,” he reaches up and grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls. My body shakes with my breathing.

“It,” I am panting now. “It slowly radiates out, to all parts of my body.”
“Oh I’m coming, now” I groan.

“Tell me” he says fiercely, his voice goes deeper, “Tell me.”

“I tingle; I tingle all over,” more moaning, “from the roots of my hair all the way down my spine. My skin gets sensitive to the touch.”
“AH, ah, oh,” I collapse onto his chest. The feel of his skin and scent of his body is intoxicating.
The next thing I know I am laying on my back and he is on top of me, pounding away between my legs.

“You want this” he says.

“Yes, oh yes,” I respond. “Harder, come into me harder.” He increases the strength of each thrust.

“Oh, oh goddess I am coming again.”
This time I scream, “Don’t stop, don’t stop”.
I hear him laugh, that deep rumbling laugh.

“I won’t stop,” he pants, “when I am finished with you, you won’t be able to walk for a while.” At that he growls, staring into my eyes. I can feel the strength of him. Then he increases the speed of each hard thrust.

“It hurts, it hurts”. I writhe under him. Years of dancing has kept me limber. But it has been more years then I remember since I felt like this.

“Do you want me to stop” he asks, never breaking stride.

I almost scream the words, “NO, don’t’ stop”.

“Are you sure,” he isn’t stopping but he wants to be sure this is what I really want. I manage a wry smile. My body undulating and I can’t stop the moans produced by the pleasure of his body, the feel of his skin. Both my arms are around him. Finger nails digging into his back.

“Don’t stop, it hurts, but it hurts so good.” I manage to say this as I move my cheek against his shoulder. I haven’t had a man care about my pleasure in so long I can’t believe what is happening. If this is a dream, please don’t let it stop. Every inch of his body sings against my skin. It is magical, fantastic, oh goddess I am coming again. At this rate I am going to set a record for myself.

So again, here I am, having sex with a man I met over the internet. Just fantasizing about this guy got me hot. How could I refuse to come here? I ask you, how could I refuse? There is only one down side of fantasy, what if it really is all in my mind?

I don't know at this point what will stay and what will go, if it is finished, or is there is more.

Saroya Poirier

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