Saturday, April 19, 2008


You think that I am changing, you might be right
I find myself naked, glaring at the throng.
Their insipid smiles, as they point and whistle.
I have plans to eat them all, as soon as I am able.
Waiting for an arm or leg, to bite and shake
They know not the ferocity of the animal they taunt.
Soon I shall feast on their bones crunch and break
My mighty bite will sent them screaming in flight
Let them laugh, for they are but tasty morsels
I am animal don’t they know, rubbing against the bars
Small and puny hardly worth the time they think
Humans are a waste of human kind, fragile, weak
I look like a kitten to fool the fools
But I will make a meal of their young, make them quake
I need only bide my time, for they think they are safe
But one day soon, I will escape.

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