Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas music and tears

Ice on the windows, frost on the air
Christmas music to bring tears
Missing those I love , gone a long time past

Those who  held  me when  I cried
Remembering  their love held tight inside
Alone  to pass  on a life time of love

 The smell of baking bread
Cinnamon rolls no nuts inside
For a little girl at her grandma's  side

 Grandpa  watching TV in black and white
That dark haired child  putting pin curls in his hair
"Is that good grandpa, see how pretty"

 Rides in the wheel barrow
Climbing the apple trees
Getting eggs with grandma

 Being loved when mom was not around
Grandma's perfect little girl
Waltzing  with grandpa  singing  along

A different time, a little house, a different era
My happiest time of life as a child

© Saroya Poirier   for Christmas  2013