Friday, May 2, 2008

Whoa is Me

All lust for somebody they can’t see
Nobody lusts for me, not really
Sweet to say, not something real
Maybe a few minutes in this day
Screaming, screaming, quietly
Can’t run yet, must protect
Save my sanity, save it, lose it
I am the castle where love dwells
I am the knight protector
I daren’t die, the walls will fall
I must be strong stand up tall
Weather the battering winds
It makes me sick it tears me up
So many people depend on me
Yet I have no help at all you see
No one really knows me,
Only whom they think is me
But who is that? Can you see?

Smiling for all who read,
It is this line I want to say,
For fun if nothing else says me.

OH Whoa is me. Poor me, See?
Here’s to you if you read
Have a drink on me, Cheers

©Saroya Poirier May 2, 2008

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