Monday, March 3, 2008

I Met a Young Man Who Was Built like a God

I Met A Young Man Who Was Built Like A God

I met a young man who was built like a god.
The kind that the Greeks of old used to carve,
Eyes that smoldered like smoke over fire,
Lips meant for kissing, I was wet with desire.

His hands were strong, his fingers so long,
Muscles that bulged, not to much, just enough,
I pulled off his belt his zipper came down
His pants hit the floor and I took a shy glance.
My eyes fly open; my heart skipped a beat,
I thought I was dreaming that man was so blessed.

I wasted no time, removing my dress,
He gave a low whistle I smiled and blushed.
He pulled me up close, we groped and we touched.
We fell on the bed; then he sucked at my breast,
He used those long fingers until I saw stars,
Then munched on my muffin like no one else did.

I thought it was heaven, I was sure that it was,
Then he moves up my body and slides it right in.
We started up slow just finding our way,
Then he started to pump in an unusually way.
It took but a minute for me to decide,
The problem rhythm his timing was off.
I would pull back he would push in,
I would push up he would pull back.

I did best to match his stride,
I waited to thrust then waited again.
Then in frustration, grabbing his hips,
I did my best to try to assist.
He seemed not to notice kept kissing my lips,
I could not believe it, such a disgrace,
A beautiful man who could not keep pace,
I asked him so sweetly, please let me on top,
Then gave him a push and over we plopped.

He laughed and he smiled kissing my tits,
I matched his laugh and straddled his hips.
Slipping his member over my clit,
Then lifting up high I slide it back in,
Then down his full length and started again.
He wanted to help so he started to push,
I leaned on his chest told him desist
I looked in his eyes and started to rock,
The faster I went the more he cried out.
My breathing got fast I started to climb,
My climax was close; I knew it was time.

I grabbed at his hands and wished for a rope,
I kissed him so hard he started to choke,
I back off his mouth shoved my tongue in.
His hands on my breasts squeezing them tight,
I climaxed so hard, I screamed with delight,
He yelled, “Here I come” and he thrust me up high.
I collapsed on his chest we needed a rest.
He said that was great, let’s do it again.
I laughed, he sighed, oh what a night.

Hugging me close he whispered so sweet,
To a dance we should go next time we meet.
Holding on tight, I gave a shy glance,
Then touching his cheek, I said not a chance.
But I'll cook dinner I said with a blush,
Then we can continue where we left off.

©Saroya Poirier

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