Friday, February 29, 2008

Re-Vamp-ed, some changes in Midnight Lover

Midnight Lover

He comes to her when all sleep
Gliding through the door
He comes on wings of silent flight
Like no other dream before
He comes to her in dark of night
He is her midnight lover

In dreams of such disturbing sleep
Visions of pain and pleasure
Offerings of blood so sweet
Promises her phantom lover

Unknown pleasure touches her
Darkest passion calling
Come to me my wicked beauty
Calls her demon lover

Words intense full of passion
Commanding my attention
You asked for this my little witch
You called me from my place of rest
States her midnight lover

Whip in hand he holds her tight
Stand so I may bind you
Your pleasure shall be mine this night
With each strike upon you
Obey I say, there’ll be less pain
Promises her phantom lover

The strength of his arm is tempered
With the whips rise and fall
He owns her soul, her will is gone
Her pleasure is what drives him
As the sting of the whip caresses skin
She knows he’s real, not a dream
She’s found her demon lover

He brings her screaming for his touch
His fingers over whip marks glide
Causing skin to tingle, his hand she starts to ride
Her squirming clinching body, causing him to smile
His teeth descend, He Bites, her blood is his this night
Moans elicit from her mouth full of dreadful pleasure
For this night is her last, as she rides her Midnight Lover

©Saroya Poirier

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