Friday, April 17, 2009


Enticing wetness sweet cream scent
Nature’s paramount enticement
Bending swaying soaring rushing
Body trembling flower opening

Blood pumping pheromones rising
Breath erratic necessitate need
Moaning demanding begging please
Forever reduced to immediacy

Arousing scent sweat covered man
Mounting thrusting climbing ascent
Imploring pleading ridged pleasure
Collapsing exhausted hedonistic sleep

4/17/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Brought Love

Do I believe am I insane
Do I care what others say?
Sometimes yes sometimes nay
Depends on them what they say

I used care used to cry
Alone so much tried to hide
Facade of life a false front
Pretending to be what I was not

Now that time is closing in
I wonder what I could have been
What will family history say?
Will they say I saved the day?

I care not what others do
This way that way, how I grew
I am the one I became the glue
I bought love and gave to you

4/09/09 ©Saroya Poirier