Friday, January 25, 2008

Drummer's Soul

Drummer’s soul by Saroya Poirier

The soul of the drum
Lives in the hands of the drummer
The strength of fingers, caress of the hand
The sound resonates in the heart of his dancer
Chest rising and falling with staccato beat
Small tight pelvic thrusts as her body shifts slowly side to side
His rhythm strong, her body reacts to the stroke of his hands
Her butt twitches, clenches, thrusts with each dum tek
The speed of her movement dictated by the drum
Her diaphragm makes quick small flutters, breathing shallow,
She is lost in a trance hearing only the drum
Sweat running between her beasts
She is the drum, yours to command
She only responds to the dum tek- tek tek dum
You lead her body in movement
She follows in passion
Drum my lord, drum
She dances only for you

1 comment:

DJ said...

Alrighty then ... would you settle for a guitar player with magic fingers? Phew.