Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Part 5 The Lady and The Dark Prince

Sitting down on the side of the bed, he reaches toward her face, gently caressing her cheek. "You are really quite beautiful, but I am sure you've been told that before." Not knowing whether to answer or not she keeps silent. He leans forward and begins to kiss her, first her eyes and lips. He then nuzzles her neck; she can feel him sniffing her neck before nipping at it, she tries to jerk away but the restraints prevent it. He rests one hand on her breast as he kisses her again pushing his tongue into her mouth, she almost chokes it is so unexpected. He squeezes then teases her nipple, pinching and pulling at it, both nipples become hard almost painful in their tautness. Unable to move her body she tries to turn her face away from him but he takes hold of her chin.

"Hold still."

"Please release me, send me home." Unsure she even wants to go home she feels that maybe he will listen now. She feels compelled to ask, as he is being so reasonable at this moment.

Sitting upright he looks deeply into her eyes, "no, that isn't going to happen."

"I paid for you; you belong to me now."

"What? Paid for me, how do you mean, paid for me?" She tries to pull free of her restraints, all the while staring into his smug face. This is too farfetched to be happening. The thoughts tumbling though her mind cannot be real; her father would not do that. She overheard her father and uncle talking in the study the week before the ball. Uncle had promise to find a way to help with the debt; he promised father he would fix everything. He promised there was a way to insure her younger brother's inheritance.

He promised. The moan escapes her lips before she can stop it, as cold stark realization comes to her.

"You are a friend of my uncles aren't you?" the resignation in her voice unmistakable.

"I have the gentlemen's acquaintance; we have done business together on occasion."

Trying not to cry, a betrayal by someone she loved, family her only uncle, it is too hard to bear. This place, tied to this bed, flogged, it is incomprehensible that her family sold her to be this man's plaything. To be married off yes, but this, no not this. Women married to save the family name, but this is too barbaric. Defeated she becomes quite still, not knowing whether to cry or scream, she does neither.

"I see from your posture you understand what has happened to you."

Unable to answer she nods her head. She feels his hand slide to her stomach and stop; he begins to makes small slow circles around her navel.

"I owned the note on your father's debt, when your uncle offered to pay; I informed him there was only one form of payment I would accept" the smile he gives her could only be described as wicked, then looking into her eyes he said, "you."

"Me, you wanted me?" Looking away trying to gather her thoughts, she knows she has never met him before, has no recollection of ever seeing him anywhere. Why would he want her? Turning her head to ask him more, she stops before she can speak one word. He stands beside the bed naked, breathtakingly handsome, fully erect and ready to take her.

She is breathing so heavily in fear that her full breasts rise and fall in a manner he finds so enticing, that he laughs as he stretches out next to her.

"I can make this pleasurable or painful, the choice is yours." He kisses her, then leaning back, he pinches her nipple again, "well, what is your answer?"

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