Sunday, March 2, 2008

Have you ever met a man so small?

Have you ever met a man so small you couldn't find his cock?
If you touched him fully dressed you couldn't feel his cock at rest?
Have you ever stroked a cock so small it barely fills your hand?
Yes, I'm really speaking to you, Of a fully grown man.
Have you ever seen a cock so small you could swallow it balls and all?
When he got you wet and wild, mounted your thrusting body,
You begin scream, Put it in, with his groin against your body.
Then you realize that he has, too embarrassed to say another thing?
He does his best, leaves your bed, a warm hug, was that a grateful smile?.
He didn't you get off, you smile sweetly no need to give him hurt.
You walk him to the door, a good night kiss a wave goodbye.
As you turn around, shake you head, you vow to never sleep with him again.

After many years have past,
After he has breathed his last,
Then and only then, did I write
One does not hurt a loving knight.

Saroya Poirier

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