Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Passionate Dance

Knelling before him
Eyes down cast
Finger tips touching
Breath across flesh
She leans in to smell him
Drawn to scent

Face to his body
Her lips on his skin
Tentative kisses
Teeth bared for him

Tasting his essence
Smelling his need
She takes him inside
Then waits to proceed

A flick of her tongue
Teeth biting flesh
She finds it exciting
This passionate dance

Her body on fire
His needs she will meet
Her gaze rises to him
As she sits at his feet.

Skin calling skin
Hunger and need
The smell his blood
Is all that she needs

She sinks to the floor
In a sexual trance
He laughs at his pleasure
In her passionate dance

© Saroya Poirier

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