Sunday, June 29, 2008


Drowning, sliding deep
Water calling restless seas
Beckoning playfully deceptive tides
Echoes lost in crashing waves
Nothing can surpass the days
Things swimming within reach
Fear invading violent shrieks
Sinking floating lulling water
Salty taste upon the tongue
Welcoming arms pulling down
Release the terror with last breath
The sea has won the soul is gone.

June 20, 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

How long must I wait

My body is aching, grab me, and press me close.
Screams echo battering inside my skull.
Raging inside why do you not come?
Invisible tears fill my eyes, hidden and unseen.
This is my life obscured from public view.
Hold me hurt me, my need is great,
Can you not hear, am I all alone?
Come to my call fill me, please!
I languish here, alone among them.
They are blind, cruel do not see this desire.
The lust the crawls through me, hot and wet,
Ready to be impaled, how long must I wait?
I am falling in, can hardly breath.
I ask again, how long must I wait?

June 20 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

Soft Rain

Soft rain falling, gently tapping
Droplets dancing across smooth supple skin.
Rivulets in the valley of full firm breasts,
The pain of nipples puckered on an uplifted chest.
Hands cupped caressing lower guiding flowing water.
Fingers splayed across belly trailing slowly lower.
Mouth slightly opens tongue flicks across lips.
Hair clinging heavily wet against skin
The sound of rain on a summer night,
Soft seeking moans, quivers of passion.
The sirens call of a woman’s need.
Water pooling at heel and toes
Natures touch for a woman,

June 29, 2008 ©Saroya Poirier

Friday, June 13, 2008

Touch Me

Touch me
I find it hard to breathe when you are near.
Hold me
I thrill to your embrace nothing can compare.
Fondle me
I find it hard to wait, your hands make me shiver and quake.
Kiss me
I beg for your lips, my mouth trembles and aches.
Bite me
I scream and quiver at the feel of your teeth.
Suck me
I moan and cry out, please, as you hold me at bay.
Pinch me
I whimper, it hurts don’t stop, as you squeeze my breast.

Your tongue
I feel of the flick against my clit, I open you thrust.

Your fingers
I buck against your hand as your fingers slide in.

Your hand
I lay in anticipation waiting for the slap that stings my ass.
Your cock
I am ready body shaking, begging, fill me, slam me, make me.
Your body
I am complete within your arms sated and well satisfied.

©Saroya Poirier

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The daughter of Demeter banished from view whiled away her time amidst flowers in bloom. Her long flowing hair lifts in the breeze, framing her body like soft black wings. Eyes like Sapphires glisten with tears in a face of such beauty Zeus sent her here. Each night spent searching the sky hoping for a rescue from solitude. With a deep sigh she turns away after throwing a kiss up to the goddess of the moon.

The sound of a flute drifts on night air enticing Persephone to follow with care. Raising her arms, hands reach out, in a touch more delicate then the air itself. Her body swaying in the magic of dance, her fingertips tease hairs on milk-white skin. She dreams of arms that are strong, and warm, lips in a kiss touching hers. The promise of sexual delight held deeply within, her strong young body begs for release.

Inhaling deeply of the sweet scented air, chest straining in motion breasts lifting, shaking, nipples harden in the breeze. Full lips slightly parted desiring a kiss, with promises of shared endless bliss. Her hand a graceful descent tantalizingly slows follow generous curves of a body for love. Touching here, caressing there, grasping, and moaning in clinching release.

Her hips rise, fall twist and shake. Stretching and arching her smooth perfect back, her stomach quivering, muscles tight. Her hips shake in small shimmies, while ecstasy flows erupting from a body unknown to such touch. Her screams of pleasure filling the skies. The scent of her damp sex drifts on the night air, an aphrodisiac to draw her true love near.

Persephone slowly descends a bed of sweet flowers beckons there. Exhausted and sad a pillow of moss for her head, petals falling like snow from the branches overhead, soon cover her form, as in slumber she lies. She awakens to sounds of night birds calling, and then watches the stars in the night sky. Running a hand slowly through her hair, eyes closed, moaning and completely unaware, she is no longer alone someone else is there.

Her fingers playing languidly at the damp curls her sex, wet and ready, the sound of footsteps brings her out of her reverie. Standing before her is the god she shall wed. Tall dark and strong his hand held out to her, take my hand daughter of Demeter and come live with me for eternity. I would have no other you shall forever be mine. Persephone body heavy with desire looks into the face of a Hades, and knows true love. Hades takes her into his arms, kissing her lips as the he spirits her away to rule in his domain.

©Saroya Poirier

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I sit and wonder why
Can you fix what must be
Wrong with me that I cannot see
Me standing there full of desire
That I would give and receive
To someone who would be
Willing to give back to me
Lust sex filled with need
You only need look at me

©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mermaids & Sirens


Wet wild mermaids play

Splashing about in the bay

Swimming dining along the reef

Sirens song hypnotically sweet

Tweaking voluptuous breasts

Promising sensual delight

Enticing sailors in to swim

Then leading them to the deep

Do not fear you will not drown

You are here now for eternity

This is how the mermaid’s mate

Unless you dare, then beware

In the spring, stay away from there.

@Saroya Poirier 6/04/08


The pretty face of ocean maids
Fools an unwary soul
Only captains of long ago
Knew the truth of a mermaid’s song
Teeth as sharp as any shark
Not love their looking for
What maids of the deep truly seek
Are the souls of breathing men
The entrances of Hades lair
Lies beneath ocean waves
For every seafaring man it’s true
Beware when siren’s sing

©Saroya Poirier

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little whimsy


Soft sleek sensuous, wanton
Sighing, moaning responses to touch
A hunter of man, hot wet desire
Licking rubbing undulating
Spread myself for your pleasure
Inviting scent to drive you insane
Here boy, come to me, cum for me

©Saroya Poirier 6/3/08