Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part 3 Lady and the Dark Prince

She must have passed out, but for how long, time seems to have no relevance here. Not even knowing how long she has been in this place, is it days, weeks, it cannot be longer. When during the flogging did she pass out? Last night the lashes across her body seemed almost gentle at first, sensuous even enticing. She remembers moaning not in pain but in pleasure in the beginning. Then he would stop give her small bites of food and sips of wine before continuing. Kissing and caressing her body making it tingle with shivers of delight, with desire for him. Her cheeks flame at the thought that she had enjoyed what he was doing and that she wanted him to continue.

Then, her eyes tightly closed against the memory, she can still feel the biting of the whip as he became more vigorous with each strike. It was as if he became angry, why was he angry with her, what could she have done chained to the wall to make him react that way? She remembers very little after that. Did he stop then or did he continue? Still suspended from the wall, she rolls her head forward and looks down at her body. There are tracks of dried blood over her breast; unable to see where she is injured she feels a stinging at the side of her neck. The dawning realization that he may be something other then human washes over her. She starts to tremble the fear is returning. Leaning her head back against the wall trying to control her breathing, she wonders if she will ever get out of here alive. Exhausted she cannot even call for help, knowing it would do little good, she sags in her chains. Silent tears run down her face.

A small sound from across the room causes her to look up, he is here reclining in a chair, a throne really, for at one time he had ruled this land. She remembers his saying this that first night in her uncle’s ballroom as all the Ladies fluttered about him. Now he watches her, his gaze sweeps over her and he smiles. His smile is frightening it promises not only pleasure but also tortures she cannot imagine. However, she could never have imagined being held captive and chained to a wall. Closing her eyes in the only way she can avoid his gaze. Then she feels a soft rush of air caress her body. She can feel him, he is standing close to her, and it amazes her how quietly he moves. Opening her eyes she lets out a startled yelp, he is inches from her face.

Her breathing is shallow, her voice a whisper, “why, why have you done this to me?” A small laugh escapes his throat, reaching forward running his fingertips down her arms. Then taking her face into his hands he leans forward and kisses her, a soft kiss unlike any of the others he has forced on her. She finds herself responding to his kiss, she ties to turn her face away but he holds her firmly in place.

“I no longer wish to be alone; it is you I have chosen”

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Lady and the Dark Prince parts 1 & 2

She stands on the battlements a lost and lonely figure.
Wind and rain beat against her, her torn chemise plastered
against her body hiding nothing, revealing all.
Her long black hair whipped loose of its red ribbon by the wind.
Body racked in sobs, tears streaming down her face.
Staring into the storm so confused, wondering how this happen.
That man violated her; he did force himself on her, he must have?
She needs to believe that this, none of this can be real.
She would never have consented to leaving with a stranger.
Let alone allowing any of the things he has done to her.
The marks on her body, the pain between her legs, she was a virgin, but no longer.
The rope marks on her wrists are proof that this is very real.
She cannot be such a wanton; these desires are inconceivable to a woman of her rank.
What are her chances of marriage now, who will want her?
Why did she did she go with him, why did she allow such liberties?
His touch, the look in his eyes, refusing him did not seem an option.

So many confusing questions, the feel of her body pulsing still with desire.
Quivering with pleasure she never imagined existed.
Her lips swollen from his mouth and press of his teeth,
nipples erect, sore, tender from the bite marks he left on her breasts.
Are her tears from the pain he inflected on her body, or from her own shame?
Where is she, how did she come to be here, on this lonely castle wall?
Her last memory is the dancing, the fine company, at her uncle’s home.
That tall darkly handsome man, with eyes as black as a starless sky, he was so imposing.
He seemed to appear in our mists, no one saw him enter.
The low conversation and fear of those around as he walked across the room.
He made his way directly toward her, as if there was no one else in the room.

She starts to scream, scream just in some slight hope of a savior.
Scream as if her life depends on it, and just maybe it does.

“No one can hear you.”

She feels him now behind her. Biting her lip, she turns to face him.

“Come away, I do not want you ill.”

He slides his arm about her waist, guiding her toward the door. He pulled her almost gently away from the crumbling walls. As they walk down the stairs his hand firmly around her waist, she begins to shake. The last vestiges of her bravery gone, her legs can no longer support her weight. As she starts to collapse, he lifts her as if she weighed nothing at all. He continues down the stairs and into that room. She cannot bear to look as they cross the threshold, the shackles on the walls, and the ropes on the newel posts. Her body is shaking uncontrollably in his arms.

His hands seem to burn her flesh where her gown is torn. She does not know how much more she can take. Instead of chaining her again, he stands her next to the bed then rips away the last of her chemise. Thinking he is going to have his way with her again, she tries to yank her arm from his grip. Pulling back the coverlet, he picks her up and throws her onto the bed. She screams, and then as the sound dies away she feels the weight of the coverlet on her body.

“Sleep, I will return”. He blows out the candles, and then with one last look at her shaking form, he closes the door.

Watching him leave the room then the turn of the lock, leaves her alone for now.
She lies naked, huddled between silk sheets, and the warmth of a down coverlet, she is lulled into a dreamless sleep. The first rays of dawn are visible over the mountain as her eyelids flutter closed.

She woke abruptly her body cold, the bedding roughly pulled away from her sleeping form. He stands at the side of the bed, night has fallen, what does the dark hold for her now. She tries to swallow her fear reawaken with his brooding presence.

“Get up.” His manner abrupt and forceful, her fear of him returns and she begins to shake.
There was but two choices for her, rise as commanded or cower naked in the bed and risk what, what would he do this time? Either way she will be naked in his presence. She rose painfully slow gathering what dignity she could muster. Eyes closed, head bowed, she stands quietly waiting for his next command.

“Come to me.” He moved to stand just in front of the shackles; she hesitates just long enough to see him takes a step forward. Fearing more pain, she begins to walk slowly across the cold stone floor. When she is near enough, he reaches out and yanks her against his body. Her still tender nipples become erect against the hardness of his chest and his open shirt. Her eyes closed, reluctant to look at him, he grabs a handful of hair, pulling head back. He crushes her in a kiss so hard it forces her mouth open. Chocking on his tongue, her eyes fly open looking directly into his. Dark black pools look back at her. As he releases her mouth, he smiles and runs a hand down her naked body. She shivers at his touch, but more to her dismay because her body responds to his touch. Muscles low inside clinch; she feels wetness between her legs.

This inability to control her body is humiliating. Breasts heaving with exertion, she tries to push herself away. He holds her in a grip as strong as iron. Yet he is barely hurting her. She begins to cry, she leans into him, he will not let go. She is defeated, he will do what he wants with her no matter how much she tries to resist. Feeling her resistance relax, he places her naked body against the chamber wall and shackles her wrists, leaving her ankles free for now. Taking a step back, he reaches out and runs one hand down the front of her body, stopping first at her breast, and then moving further down slipping his fingers between her legs; he begins to rub little circles about her clit. She tries to move away from his hand. He grabs her crouch and shoves her against the wall.

“Do not move I will not tell you again, or I will secure ankles.” She looks in to his eyes as he speaks, her own eyes getting wider as sees something she had not noticed earlier. His teeth, there is something wrong with his teeth. She begins to scream.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Master Please

Master please, write your prose
Guide me, bring me, write me
I kneel at your feet
Worship at your temple
Filled with horrors
Ripe with sex
Wrapped in your desire

Master please, write for me
Bring me to my knees
The words you write
Make me weep
Make me wet
Have your way with me
I only wish to please

Master please, write your prose
Scare me find the place I hide
Bring me dreams of fear and pain
Visions of horrors never seen
Desires unknown to me
Make me climax with your words
Then make me scream for more

Master please, I beg you write
Write for all who read
Your servants in this endless night
We worship at your feet
You are the guardian of sex and fear
Master of pain and pleasure

Master please

For me

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Reaching Out

Reaching out touching you
Caress your brow, fingers glide
Run my hands down your sides
Arms around you holding tight
My breasts pressed against your chest
Feel your breath, rise and fall
Raise my face and accept your kiss
Absorbing you, become part of you
For this moment, I am yours

An Ancient Soul

An ancient soul, mortal born
Lost his life on a wind swept moor
A century or two before you were born.

Wandering alone on a moonless night
Beset by forces from an ancient fight
They lay in wait, for you to pass
To claim your soul and eat your flesh

Fearsome things from long ago
Under the command of the old dead one
The old one died the night He was born
Leaving a new lord to command the horde

Now he is the Dark and evil Lord
He feeds on fear, your pain and lust
Be careful should he look your way
He will mark you for another day

He enters dreams, makes you scream
You will doubt your very own sanity
He is mist and shadow, hard to grasp

He is here, there, but never seen,
To see him will mark your death
So close you eyes, be downcast
Hold your breath and let him pass

Tall, dark he seems to fade
Into shadows night or day
He commands the hounds of hell they say
If you hear the howling come your way
Time to run I would not stay

He holds the chains of terror close
But smiles when he smells his foes
To loose the hounds on those he hunts
It is the game he desires most

Time to run, He comes for you.

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Dark Cold Night

The Dark Cold Night

Cold settled over me in my repose
Unable to rise and find the cause
Body shivers fear crept near
Battering the corners of my mind
A gentle hand from nowhere came
Eased my rest held the dark at bay

Soothing my body to restful sleep
Warmth infusing to soften dreams
Reaching out giving pause
Gentle touch stilling breath
Wondering what would come next

My plea for unbroken sleep denied
I must appease the god of night
With dreams between dusk and dawn
The creeping nightmares come

I am dream not real it seems
I seek to find release in a touch
It is fear and pain that comes to me
Exquisite pleasure fills my dream
Gifts of a dark and powerful god

He haunts the midnight skies
In search of those in restless sleep
He sees the secrets that we keep
Things we try to hide inside
He knows our most frightening fears
Those things draw him near

It is our dreams he strives to own
Those who fear the dreams he gives
Turmoil of unconscious thoughts
Those who shake and scream in sleep
Until the dawn when he must part

Leaving in his wake, broken bodies
Disturbed minds scatter thoughts
Saved only by the light of dawn

Impatient always for the dusk
When he can hunt again
In search of those of restless, sleep
And a dark and powerful god

©Saroya Poirier 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Time, about teen age sex

I was only 13; he asked my name
I saw you at school; he said with a smile
Me face lit up, I blushed to my toes

I was so thrilled, I loved his dark hair
My first boyfriend, in my new school
I looked at the ground, told him my name
He walked me home that very day

The rules were simple no boys when I’m gone
Other then that, a boyfriend is fine
Ask him on over, let me meet him

He was 16 an Army brat
Traveled the world, born in France
It started so slow, nothing too much
Then innocent kisses, exploring hands

Mom was so busy, always away
After a while it was okay
He stayed in the evening
The touching changed
Take off your bra let me touch you

As the months past he broke my resolve
After my birthday everything changed
We went to movies did nothing but kiss
Afraid to touch him, embarrassed to try
His mouth on my lips; his hand on my thigh

Each time we met my defenses grew thin
My panties were next his fingers went in
He seemed very please, I did want he asked
He ran his hand up over my breast

He took my hand said hold this
I was so scared, the skin was so soft
I pull away embarrassed, and shocked
Then finally one day I gave it a try
He breathed so hard seemed very pleased
I did it right he smiled at me

After some months we went all the way
In my very own home in my very own bed
I lay underneath, he pushed it right in
It hurt just a little then we were though

Over the months we did it quite often
I’d lay very still till he was done
He got so angry then he said
You should be moving under me

Not laying there doing nothing at all
Buck and scream; scratch my back
That's what you should do, not lay there like that
It’s supposed to feels good, don’t you want me?
I didn’t understand It felt like nothing to me

He drifted away it never felt good
Then a year later I met someone new
This guy was hot I got so excited
I was dating a boy who was 19
I was 15 he was older then me.

That’s it, now you know, that’s how it was for me

The new man, is the father to my oldest son,
and yes I was pregnant at 15.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Met a Young Man Who Was Built like a God

I Met A Young Man Who Was Built Like A God

I met a young man who was built like a god.
The kind that the Greeks of old used to carve,
Eyes that smoldered like smoke over fire,
Lips meant for kissing, I was wet with desire.

His hands were strong, his fingers so long,
Muscles that bulged, not to much, just enough,
I pulled off his belt his zipper came down
His pants hit the floor and I took a shy glance.
My eyes fly open; my heart skipped a beat,
I thought I was dreaming that man was so blessed.

I wasted no time, removing my dress,
He gave a low whistle I smiled and blushed.
He pulled me up close, we groped and we touched.
We fell on the bed; then he sucked at my breast,
He used those long fingers until I saw stars,
Then munched on my muffin like no one else did.

I thought it was heaven, I was sure that it was,
Then he moves up my body and slides it right in.
We started up slow just finding our way,
Then he started to pump in an unusually way.
It took but a minute for me to decide,
The problem rhythm his timing was off.
I would pull back he would push in,
I would push up he would pull back.

I did best to match his stride,
I waited to thrust then waited again.
Then in frustration, grabbing his hips,
I did my best to try to assist.
He seemed not to notice kept kissing my lips,
I could not believe it, such a disgrace,
A beautiful man who could not keep pace,
I asked him so sweetly, please let me on top,
Then gave him a push and over we plopped.

He laughed and he smiled kissing my tits,
I matched his laugh and straddled his hips.
Slipping his member over my clit,
Then lifting up high I slide it back in,
Then down his full length and started again.
He wanted to help so he started to push,
I leaned on his chest told him desist
I looked in his eyes and started to rock,
The faster I went the more he cried out.
My breathing got fast I started to climb,
My climax was close; I knew it was time.

I grabbed at his hands and wished for a rope,
I kissed him so hard he started to choke,
I back off his mouth shoved my tongue in.
His hands on my breasts squeezing them tight,
I climaxed so hard, I screamed with delight,
He yelled, “Here I come” and he thrust me up high.
I collapsed on his chest we needed a rest.
He said that was great, let’s do it again.
I laughed, he sighed, oh what a night.

Hugging me close he whispered so sweet,
To a dance we should go next time we meet.
Holding on tight, I gave a shy glance,
Then touching his cheek, I said not a chance.
But I'll cook dinner I said with a blush,
Then we can continue where we left off.

©Saroya Poirier

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Have you ever met a man so small?

Have you ever met a man so small you couldn't find his cock?
If you touched him fully dressed you couldn't feel his cock at rest?
Have you ever stroked a cock so small it barely fills your hand?
Yes, I'm really speaking to you, Of a fully grown man.
Have you ever seen a cock so small you could swallow it balls and all?
When he got you wet and wild, mounted your thrusting body,
You begin scream, Put it in, with his groin against your body.
Then you realize that he has, too embarrassed to say another thing?
He does his best, leaves your bed, a warm hug, was that a grateful smile?.
He didn't you get off, you smile sweetly no need to give him hurt.
You walk him to the door, a good night kiss a wave goodbye.
As you turn around, shake you head, you vow to never sleep with him again.

After many years have past,
After he has breathed his last,
Then and only then, did I write
One does not hurt a loving knight.

Saroya Poirier