Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tub surrounds and how to clean them

How to clean you bath surround, before the soap scum becomes a problem. Specially if you are getting brand spanking new tile or one piece surrounds in your bathrooms.
My hubby's uncle was a union man spent most of his working life, after his deployment in the south pacific in WWII, he installed tile and linoleum he was very, very good at what he did. This is what he told me.

How to keep the tile clean, turn off shower, ta da, do NOT step out of shower, do NOT  dry yourself off first.. if you do, you are too late.
First;  use a squeegee on tile, window, shower doors if you have them.
Second;  follow up with a towel, wipe it all down..
Third;  you can now exit from the shower.

What I have found is by the time I am done wiping it all down my body is almost dry, my hair, not so much, time to towel it.

If you make, on pain of death, no food, or icy wakeup calls, to all family members  your cleaning and scrubbing tile will be less often and less painful for your back.  From one who knows that this works, I have seldom had to use cleaners on my bathroom tile.

Saroya Poirier   June 29, 2014