Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mermaids & Sirens


Wet wild mermaids play

Splashing about in the bay

Swimming dining along the reef

Sirens song hypnotically sweet

Tweaking voluptuous breasts

Promising sensual delight

Enticing sailors in to swim

Then leading them to the deep

Do not fear you will not drown

You are here now for eternity

This is how the mermaid’s mate

Unless you dare, then beware

In the spring, stay away from there.

@Saroya Poirier 6/04/08


The pretty face of ocean maids
Fools an unwary soul
Only captains of long ago
Knew the truth of a mermaid’s song
Teeth as sharp as any shark
Not love their looking for
What maids of the deep truly seek
Are the souls of breathing men
The entrances of Hades lair
Lies beneath ocean waves
For every seafaring man it’s true
Beware when siren’s sing

©Saroya Poirier

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