Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angry Horde

The rain is not enough to wash it all away
Because it is all here laying underneath,
Wet, green, mud, rot beneath our feet
Earth sucking you deep, holding firm,
Releasing only what it does not need.
Wind whipping hair, hail beating down,
Winter in spring, anger bringing despair

Fighting, screaming go away, ripping hair
The urge to kill, maim destroy, must not
Inconsiderate nasty evil things beings
Slammed hard fighting back, screaming
Pain, too much pain, loss, falling coming apart

Winds strong whipping pulling blowing all away
Trees cracking splitting away, screaming as they fall
Tread the cracked earth as it shakes and moans
Clawing up and out of fissures that snap and roar
The dredges of hell come with me armed, ready to play

Scream beg, run, hide I seek the streaming red blood
As it pours from the cuts, slashes of the dark horde
My blood spreads on this land, yours follows soon
Gnashing of teeth, grinding bone, stringy sinew
No place to hide, no place to go, fight the battle

Stand firm on blood soaked ground, lose not your way
All things on the living earth will one day follow the horde
When the earth turns inside out and darkness covers all.

©Saroya Poirier 07/29/08

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