Monday, February 11, 2008



Rain is the caress of mother Gaia.
Thunder is her reprimand.
Earthquakes are her rolling over.
Magma is her blood moons flow.
Her legs in motion of creation,
The ebb and flow of oceans tide.

Tornadoes are her sweeping hands
Her body is the play ground of man.
She cares little for what we do,
We think to change the way she looks.
We try to make the land stay put.
Land or sea it matters not,
She sweeps it all away.
Great winds blow when she breathes,
Hurricanes dance from sea to land.

She is the mother of us all,
Her black rich skin provides our soil,
Her tears our waters flow.
Without her we would not exist,
She tries to let us know.
She was here from beginning,
She will be here till the end.
When we are gone, and she has rested,
She will start it all again.

Gaia the eternal one.

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