Saturday, August 9, 2008

Invasion from Mars

Now that they found ice on Mars, the next thing they may find a government sign.

Men of Mars

As you noticed, it is getting far to Hot on our planet.
All citizens are commanded to evacuate.
Catch the next ship to that puny blue planet next door.
We can conquer the inhabitants, we are strong mighty Martians.
By order of;
The Supreme High Commander of Mars
Thor Thunder Thighs

Women of Venus

Now that we have named our new planet Earth,
It is time to call ourselves Earth Women.
We are intercepting messages from Mars they are preparing an attack.
Prepare for war, paint body parts accordingly,
Be ready to meet the ships as they land.
By order of;
Her serene Highness Ruler of all Women
Venus Moist Mound

Men of Mars

“We have landed open hatch and prepare for battle.”

Private 1st class, slightly confused,
"Commander Thor what is that delicious smell,
My personal battle sword is hard like stone.”

"Drop your shields men, remove you garments,
The inhabitants have assumed a welcoming position.
Find a fitting place and fit right in."

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Ray said...

Nice poem. Beautiful pictures.