Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's Just One

It's just one of those days
It's just one of those nights
When nothin ain't right
But nothin is wrong
Just one of those crazy times

You can't find the wrong
You can't fix the right
Lost in a foggy world
Head filled with stuffing
Nothin is going your way

It's just them dreary days
Just a sleep it away kind of day
A day that slips into night
Just one of the odd times of life

It's pullin you hair out
Hidin under the blankets
Nerve ends singin kind of times
Screamin seems to be the thing to do
Won't do to scare the dog

Nothin is going wrong and nothin is going right
Not a thing to do, not a thing to think
Just ramblin and shamblin through life
Just ya think now you're zombie like
I'd rather be the Karloff  mummy

Now that I found something funny
I think it ain't so bad,
But then, I'm still wearin my jammies
And I didn't just put them on

Screamin, sounds really good about now

Saroya Poirier © February 2, 2013
I almost typed 1962  hysterical laughter