Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Age Versatility of Sex

You think because you are young and strong
Can’t imagine the old still get it on.
That sex is yours, not for the old
Ah contraire you are so wrong

You really think because they are old
Those things don’t work down below
Granny still likes to give a good blow.
Grandpa still loves to slide down low.

Grandpa may seem slow to you
He still loves to make grandma glow.
But slow and sure he knows his way.
Grandma and he still love to play

Can’t imagine it makes you cringe?
Sex and grandparents makes you twinge?
Before you scream say it isn’t so
Let me tell you one day you too shall be old.

I wish you firm immediate success
In your quest to suppress
The down low urge of nature’s jest
Most fun, vital, urge

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