Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Time, about teen age sex

I was only 13; he asked my name
I saw you at school; he said with a smile
Me face lit up, I blushed to my toes

I was so thrilled, I loved his dark hair
My first boyfriend, in my new school
I looked at the ground, told him my name
He walked me home that very day

The rules were simple no boys when I’m gone
Other then that, a boyfriend is fine
Ask him on over, let me meet him

He was 16 an Army brat
Traveled the world, born in France
It started so slow, nothing too much
Then innocent kisses, exploring hands

Mom was so busy, always away
After a while it was okay
He stayed in the evening
The touching changed
Take off your bra let me touch you

As the months past he broke my resolve
After my birthday everything changed
We went to movies did nothing but kiss
Afraid to touch him, embarrassed to try
His mouth on my lips; his hand on my thigh

Each time we met my defenses grew thin
My panties were next his fingers went in
He seemed very please, I did want he asked
He ran his hand up over my breast

He took my hand said hold this
I was so scared, the skin was so soft
I pull away embarrassed, and shocked
Then finally one day I gave it a try
He breathed so hard seemed very pleased
I did it right he smiled at me

After some months we went all the way
In my very own home in my very own bed
I lay underneath, he pushed it right in
It hurt just a little then we were though

Over the months we did it quite often
I’d lay very still till he was done
He got so angry then he said
You should be moving under me

Not laying there doing nothing at all
Buck and scream; scratch my back
That's what you should do, not lay there like that
It’s supposed to feels good, don’t you want me?
I didn’t understand It felt like nothing to me

He drifted away it never felt good
Then a year later I met someone new
This guy was hot I got so excited
I was dating a boy who was 19
I was 15 he was older then me.

That’s it, now you know, that’s how it was for me

The new man, is the father to my oldest son,
and yes I was pregnant at 15.

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