Friday, April 30, 2010

Memories Lost

Life lost in the mists of my past
My children now grown
Women, men, grandchildren
Snatches of you within my grasp
Names at the edge of my mind
I know you
I need to be anchored the tide is taking me away
My life drifting with the outgoing waves
Like drift wood battered by time and tide I wait
When I was young I! Why can’t I remember?
Do you live far?
When did I move here is my house gone?
Cobwebs obscure my vision losing touch with me
Spiders run away with each memory
Do I know you?
How is your mother? She was a lost soul
What was your mother’s name ah yes so young
I loved her she had such a hard time

Who is their mother?
Yes she suffered too the mother of my children
I have a wife she never comes
Are you sure you’ve seen her here?
No not today if you say she was here I believe you

A vast empty wasteland appears before me
Darkened rooms behind each door
I seek a candle to light the memories
That once dwelled vivid in my mind
I am lost within myself even death is welcomed
Yet he does not come
I suffer this living death, each day is less
Do I know you?

The pictures on the wall who are they?
Greeting cards? Not real?
Do you know their names?
I forget so much
What is love?
Even that will soon be lost
Don’t forget I did love you all
Remember me that way
Not the way I have become

©Saroya Poirier 4/30/10