Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am Yours

Body and soul I am yours
Ready, willing, need you
I cannot rest, I wait for you
Bury your face against my breasts

The dew inside an inviting scent
Taste, touch quiver in delight
Desire fills me, in need of you
I am yours for this while

Lie down, relax, let me touch
Make you hard, stoke and bite
Watch you squirm, use my tongue
Work my way up, kiss the tip

On all fours move slowly up
Do not hurry here I come
Slide my breasts against your chest
Rising up tease and torment

Slick and wet sliding now
Squeeze shiver rock sway
Feel you deep feel you wide
Love the feel of you inside

Hurry not let me ride
Let me dream hold you tight
Let me have this small delight
Bring me screaming in the night

As I wait, as I watch
Wait for you to come this night
Wait to give you all of me
Instead, I cry tears slide cheeks wet

Sighing crying dying inside
To be held, to be loved this is hell
More tears, fears needs fading

©Saroya Poirier, April 2008

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