Monday, July 28, 2008


I watched as he moved through the milling crowd
My breath caught in my throat to see him now
Would he see me here, when others could not
As I pass though time, is it now or is it not

Will he feel my hand if I reach out to touch
His skin I crave its warmth I have missed
Centuries weigh upon my incorporeal being
I miss his smell his flesh, taste of his lips
Feel of his breath on flesh as he kisses my neck

As I journey alone in this world unseen
I have waited for him an eternity it seems
I whisper thoughts desires, enchanted words
Spells ancient as time to draw him to shade

He smiles and laughs as he passes friends
I drift ever-closer press myself to him
No acknowledgement no response, ignored again
So near yet invisible to one I had slain

My head on his chest his breath becomes rapid,
He lives in truth while I wander undead.
His fear I can taste, this close to his heart
He fears the unknown of what he cannot see

Does his soul remember our unholy union?
The feel of his blood as it drained away
His screams, his pleading to stay with me
My shock disbelief as we both died that night

How does he live in this world of man?
Does he not know I have waited for this day?
The day he will come so I may transform
Then I shall be able to bring him over to me

I while away the centuries trapped as I am
I drift on the whims of the winds of time
Waiting for one that waits not for me,
While he dies then is reborn through each century

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