Monday, October 26, 2009


Grief is short lived,
Sorrow is temporary,
Love never dies resides inside
Pass on your love
Give it away
Pass it forward every day
Tears fall in sorrow
Shedding grief, pain, loss
With eyes open wide
Feast on the beauty of life

©Saroya Poirier 10/24/09

Monday, October 19, 2009

Who Are They?

They say that they can live without sex
They say life each day is just fine
They say they don’t feel at all vexed
But each night they have a glass of wine

Deep inside I clinch then flex
Why do I still desire sex?
I want the feel of lips so much
In places only I now touch
Hands to squeeze then pinch
Will only sense a small flinch

Why am I not like they?
Why do I crave every day
Touch that does not come my way
Why must I continue this way?

I will live without sex that’s true
But life is empty without you
I have to keep my mind from there
Stop wanting so much not to despair

I wait aching to be touched
Feel fingers caress part slip in
In my mind he waits for me
In the dark when I sleep
I am not like they, I am only me


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just whom are you?
Do you know?
For I am unsure
On this day or that
Just who I may be
I may be she
Or I may not
I could be that
Or I could be this
Do I want that
Or desire this
I am confused
Quite sure of that
Does it take a life time?
To know who or what?
Will I live long enough
To know about that?
Change is so fast
What I think is not so
Is soon, soon enough
Or is it something else?
When you are sure
Will you let me know?
For I am still changing
With each passing day
Each dawn I wonder
Who am I today

©Saroya Poirier 8/26/09

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dark night without sun
Sightless days have begun
Day in night without light
Blackest gloom sinister sight
Shadows radiate obscure fear
Dread filled humans shed a tear
Monsters roam in grim delight
Assured that phantoms cannot fight
Moody demons within the gloom
Emerge slowly from dank tombs
Gods of evil smile with glee
For they laugh as all flee
Rulers of dark of night
Celebrate the loss of light
Gates of hell open wide
When dark is light and day is night

©Saroya Poirier

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Ever Will Be

Today gone slipping away with each moment in time
As will tomorrow come then be the day of reality
Such was yesterday to be remembered then forgotten
Passage of time unreal yet completely lost
Leaving humanity to wonder after its transitory passing
Was it real imagined dreams of what was or should have been
Confusion of days slipping by slowly then quickly gone
With unseeing eyes is life an illusion? No answers only questions
Stumbling mumbling grasping empty hands nothing tangible
I am but sand filtering through the proverbial hour glass
I am, I was, I ever will be

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tumultous Peace

I lie upon my fainting couch, hand against my fevered brow
Heart frantically beating within my corseted breast,
I wonder whom mention what to whom and when.
A social outcast shall I be, shunned by all whom I see,
If from heights I fall dashed on the rocks of Cornwall.
Will any see, prevent such as me from death in the deep dark sea?

I promised him my heart yet mention it I could not.
He promised me the world, lost to the turn of the wheel.
I promised myself to conceal this allusion from the world.
The holes were frayed the fabric of my heart torn to shreds.
Yet society knew not, time passed I did abstain.

Now observe you have drawn from me the thread of life.
You care not my love has fallen trampled upon discarded.
I was so sure it would never be mentioned life would go forth.
Yet here it is, words on the wind mentioned for all to hear.
Silken threads woven into the tapestry a life gone astray

Whom shall I turn to in my hour of need?
Who shall rescue me lift me up give life to such as me?
I am downcast now hidden away off to the countryside to stay
Locked in the tower until death has taken me
With only the call of the sea a bitter tumultuous peace.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Slurp slurp slap
Manners lack
Straighten you back
Or comes the smack

Chin held high
Don’t touch the sky
Lifted breasts don’t protest
Mom’s know best

Mother’s teach
Mom speech
Sit up straight
Don’t be late
Clean your plate

Manners count
If you want to amount
Highs and lows to surmount
Don’t want mom to smack you round
Get your bottom off the ground

Manners now
Manners late
Manners invite
Manners get dates
Now don’t hesitate


Oh this is a silly thing
But true no less
No spitting no belching
No smacking lips
No picking teeth
Don’t scratch your ass
Don’t pass gas
Want a date, don’t be late
Wash your pits
Brush your teeth
Wanna kiss
Wanna lick
Here comes a manners smack
Don’t ask why this is here,
My mind has taken flight

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Phone Call

“Hello, HELLOOOO!”
“Anyone there?”
“What? Uh? OH??”

Heavy breathing moaning
Grunts, lip smacking
The sound of pounding

“Oh my a breather!”
“An obscene phone call!”
“Oh wait it has been so long,
Let me get my vibrator!”

Sound of feet running fading in the distance.
Drawers opening then slamming shut.
Sound of feet getting louder as they get closer.
Panting “Okay I am back just a second!
OH good you’re still on the line, thank you!”

“This is so exciting I haven’t had a breather since I was 22
OH shit, the batteries are dead just another moment.”
Drawers opening and closing, “Shit, where are they
Oh I see one, where is the other one, there, wrong size,
Be right back.”

Sound of running feet fading then returning.
“Okay start again, I am ready, well almost I have to pull my jeans down.”
The swish of a zipper then sounds of struggling, a grunt, “okay ready to go.”

“Louder can you breathe louder I can barely hear you?”
“Ouch, I pinched myself, no blood; okay ready again where is the button.”
“Is your cock big or tiny?” “Are you hard or flaccid?”
“If it isn’t big enough for me to hear the slapping sounds then this won’t work.”


“Um hello? Are you still there?
“He hung up? I don’t believe it!”
“Well isn’t that a fine howdy do.”

©Saroya Poirier 5/23/09

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pleasured Obsessed

Face up
Face forward
Face the future
Face the wall

Kneel down
Close your eyes
Open wide
No surprise

Lay back
Point your toes
Spread you knees
Then say please

Laugh wildly
Body shiver
Let it quiver
Tremor quake

Plead quietly
Beg implore
Needing more
Acquiesce yes

Tied up tied down
Strung up swing around
Get the whip raise it high
Swing it hard swing it low

Moan whimper
Scream implore
Exhausted peak
Exquisite fatigue

Breathless intrigue
Bruised in excess
Pleasure obsessed
Sensory success

©Saroya Poirier 5/22/09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pun, Obsessed with Sex

Obsessed with sex so complex
Sex is old, sex is new, flex your sex
Under, over, on all fours
Sex can be done out of doors

On the floor near the door
In the bed, foot or head
Abstinence is dead

Sex is fun shun your inhibition
Don’t get stuck doing the mission
Transitions submission no opposition

Ever had a musician?
How about an electrician
Or blown a politician?
Ah now how about a magician

Now see what I have done
Wrote a pun, pinched your bum
Surely I shall be undone
So hun, not to be outdone

Sex is older than dirt
Now come lift my skirt
I will make you squirt
How about dessert

5/13/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it You?

A hermit am I
Hiding in my cave
Closing off the world
Shutting them away

I am kindling waiting for the flame
I am fire desirous of rain
I am earth waiting to be plowed
I am the moon full and round

Despair within my soul
Unease within my life
Filling needs of others
Mine own requests unmet

What am I but alone
What am I but unloved
What am I but throbbing want
What am I but unclaimed desire

Offering warm soft kisses
Arms to hold hands for caresses
Thighs hiding a moist entrance
Undulating pleasure awaiting


Is it you?

©Saroya Poirier 5/8/09

Friday, April 17, 2009


Enticing wetness sweet cream scent
Nature’s paramount enticement
Bending swaying soaring rushing
Body trembling flower opening

Blood pumping pheromones rising
Breath erratic necessitate need
Moaning demanding begging please
Forever reduced to immediacy

Arousing scent sweat covered man
Mounting thrusting climbing ascent
Imploring pleading ridged pleasure
Collapsing exhausted hedonistic sleep

4/17/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Brought Love

Do I believe am I insane
Do I care what others say?
Sometimes yes sometimes nay
Depends on them what they say

I used care used to cry
Alone so much tried to hide
Facade of life a false front
Pretending to be what I was not

Now that time is closing in
I wonder what I could have been
What will family history say?
Will they say I saved the day?

I care not what others do
This way that way, how I grew
I am the one I became the glue
I bought love and gave to you

4/09/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kiss me Here, Kiss me There

Kiss me here kiss me there
Put a kiss right just beware
With your lips slide down here
Kiss me anywhere

Oo ah kiss me kiss me

Oo ah fill me up

Oo ah you know what gets me

A little here a little more
Squeeze right just not to tight
Pull me hold me stay in sight
Kiss me anywhere do it all night

Ignite my passion show compassion
Controlled decent do not ration
Open my legs with a smooth insertion
Touch that spot now physical exertion

Kiss me hard, use your tongue
Now kiss my lips do it like this
Kiss in the back, around to the front
Now kiss my feet and come back up

Ah ah I’m going to come

Ah ah don’t stop

Ah ah spank me like a drum

I surrender when you’re done
I promise to eat you
Like a ripe purple plum

Yum yum

3/20/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fill Me

Enfold me in your arms
Entwine your fingers in my hair
Your breath upon my neck
Makes me quiver and sweat

Rake your nails across my back
Pinch handfuls of my flesh
Bodies taut like wire about to snap
Moans gasp deep jagged breaths

Bodies grinding against each other
Lick me, want me, satisfy my desire
Your teeth on my skin make me shiver
Brings me close, ram me hurt me

Hold me down hold me tight
Animal sounds explode from my throat
The more you touch the more I emote
Body quaking straining for your touch

Why so far away press closer near to me
Inconsolable wretchedness loss cruel
Need to feel your hard flesh shake my soul
Grasp you tight, impaled within

Complete when you are near
Wretched so far apart distressing depressing
Need to be fulfilled, frustration need
Come to me, I call thee feel, me obey me

Maniacal laughter pleasing to your ears
Do you hear, do you feel, come to me,

Fill me

Pleasure Desire Satisfaction
Ask not what you can do for me
Only know what I will do to you

©Saroya Poirier 3/11/09

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Touch

I touch myself, just to feel
Least I forget this earthy thrill

Nails scrape across my skin
Body screams for attention

Eyes closed against the night
While I imagine rough delight

Dream dreams of dark sin
Your hands instead of mine

Your fingers buried deep
I taste your body on my lips

Breath coming in short gasps
Moaning for release

Quiet sigh a single tear
I fear I will never feel

Skin against skin
This touch of lust again

That life will end for me
Alone in my bed

2/22/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Give My Love

My lord sees me not
My path he does not cross
Alone am I inside this stone tower
Cursed in crime by deeds my own

Dreams of him who does not breathe
Whose life I took in mine own agony
The soul I crave wanders beneath
Searching for one his love thus lost

A tangled web of lies, deceit such dishonor
Jealousy and rage of another
This curse of love has destroyed a life
Another stands waiting for deaths release

Bring him Goddess bring him back
Give him breath with sweet life
Let him love find happiness
His pure soul was offered thus

Mine soul I offer for Hades touch
Return my love to Mother’s earth
Tis my heart he holds no other does own
Help him forget that it was me

I beseech thee now open the veil
Let me enter I give my life
The underworld is what I wish
Take my hand for I fear not

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little limerick silliness

Randy’s rambunctious rammer rallied rather ruthlessly at Sally's salty slammer.
Sally’s slammer hammered Randy’s rammer screaming in perfect grammar.

Salaciously salivating Sally slurped salty syrup surreptitiously.
Randy ransacked Sally’s righteous rack sucking enthusiastically.

Brightly just slightly Sally straddled Randy’s ridged rammer.
Randy quite determinedly wrangled Sally’s bouncing wammers.

©Saroya Poirier


A grave neither deep enough nor dark enough to hide
No place distant enough to feel safe, secure invisible
Never enough pieces of me to satisfy all
Needs greater than the sum of me, frayed edges
Ragged torn bursting to be free tied bound chained

Still, unmoving, no breath, yet they search me out
Night or day demand on me, nothing left to give
Needs theirs, mine holding back no response, tried
Pain emotional physical tears of frustration

Spinning tight unwound undone frayed
At the edge of a precipice undecided unsure
To long lost, to long used, to long afraid
Tired fears mine unnecessary destroyed

A hollow swirling emptiness unremarkably sad
Searching vibrations lamentations echoing inside
Static sharp painful refreshing comforting dark
Cocooning soft cushion enveloping blindness

Quietly lying under cover of darkness speak not
Sweet silence curled inside brings peaceful thoughts
Troubling thoughts numbing rest interrupted dreams
A grave neither deep enough nor dark enough to hide

© Saroya Poirier 1/10/09

to all those in the Cold

We’re having a heat wave
A tropical heat wave
Snow plows and mittens
The weathers below freezin

I'm sweatin in long johns
My socks are electric
It’s snowin in Hoboken
And frozen in Fairbanks

If this is a heat wave
Then I must be dreamin
My coffee was steamin
Now it's just freezin

I know when it summer
Hotter than hell here
I will be dreamin
Of snowmen and skiin

It’s hot in Las Vegas
Wet in the northwest
Here on the east coast
Our breathin is freezin

So I’ll just keep dreamin
Of tropical summers
Warm blue waters
Giant anacondas

No, that’s not right
This isn’t a dream
Turn up the heat
I can’t feel my feet

©Saroya Poirier

I wrote a little poem
A ditty maybe witty
A smile for those who are frozen
By this winters ice and winds
In the northern tundra
O’ the border in Canada
From Idaho east you go
Where snow blows stays more each day
Wrap up stay indoors
Do something to keep you warm
Sweet kisses Warm Hugs
Bodies warm much love
What do you do
When the cold keeps you at bay?

Muse prompt on AWH

Shattered life
Broken dreams
Lost mortality

Shredded moments of peace
Ragged cliffs frozen seas
Breath scattered o’ the earth
Stealing away quiet mirth
Irretrievable time
Seeing all the sublime
Calm waters cracked ice
This was my price