Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The daughter of Demeter banished from view whiled away her time amidst flowers in bloom. Her long flowing hair lifts in the breeze, framing her body like soft black wings. Eyes like Sapphires glisten with tears in a face of such beauty Zeus sent her here. Each night spent searching the sky hoping for a rescue from solitude. With a deep sigh she turns away after throwing a kiss up to the goddess of the moon.

The sound of a flute drifts on night air enticing Persephone to follow with care. Raising her arms, hands reach out, in a touch more delicate then the air itself. Her body swaying in the magic of dance, her fingertips tease hairs on milk-white skin. She dreams of arms that are strong, and warm, lips in a kiss touching hers. The promise of sexual delight held deeply within, her strong young body begs for release.

Inhaling deeply of the sweet scented air, chest straining in motion breasts lifting, shaking, nipples harden in the breeze. Full lips slightly parted desiring a kiss, with promises of shared endless bliss. Her hand a graceful descent tantalizingly slows follow generous curves of a body for love. Touching here, caressing there, grasping, and moaning in clinching release.

Her hips rise, fall twist and shake. Stretching and arching her smooth perfect back, her stomach quivering, muscles tight. Her hips shake in small shimmies, while ecstasy flows erupting from a body unknown to such touch. Her screams of pleasure filling the skies. The scent of her damp sex drifts on the night air, an aphrodisiac to draw her true love near.

Persephone slowly descends a bed of sweet flowers beckons there. Exhausted and sad a pillow of moss for her head, petals falling like snow from the branches overhead, soon cover her form, as in slumber she lies. She awakens to sounds of night birds calling, and then watches the stars in the night sky. Running a hand slowly through her hair, eyes closed, moaning and completely unaware, she is no longer alone someone else is there.

Her fingers playing languidly at the damp curls her sex, wet and ready, the sound of footsteps brings her out of her reverie. Standing before her is the god she shall wed. Tall dark and strong his hand held out to her, take my hand daughter of Demeter and come live with me for eternity. I would have no other you shall forever be mine. Persephone body heavy with desire looks into the face of a Hades, and knows true love. Hades takes her into his arms, kissing her lips as the he spirits her away to rule in his domain.

©Saroya Poirier

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