Sunday, November 18, 2007

I dance in a Dream

I dance in a dream

She steps onto the stage.
Crossing a line from this world to another.
A world of dream, a world of dance.
A world of joy and beauty.

Wrapped in veils of mystery.
She dances, she twirls,
She moves in grace upon the stage

The goddess of dance welcomes her,
Enters her, gives her wings to fly.
Arms lift, veils drift, upon the winds of imagination.

She stops, she sighs, she quivers with inner delight,
She smiles, slowly opens her eyes,
She looks at only one, bringing him into her world.
But which one, which gaze, soon all have entered,
Soon all are amazed..
The joy, the love, grace of her dance has them all entranced.

They who watch are now part of her dream,
Palaces of long ago, sheiks, harems,
midnight rides upon a pure white steed,
Thoughts of love and romance.
Gods old and new,
All who watch, sing praises of delight.

She has entertained their senses
Brought beauty to their eyes
Gave them joy of movement
Pleasure of soul

Soon all is over, as she dances away
Taking with her, her dreams of an imaginary place,
And imaginary time.

By Saroya Poirier
Friday, August 09, 2002



Everyone has issues.
But issues without tissues is just a handful of snot.
So give it a blow then toss it real slow.
You issues will dissolve like new fallen snow.
I just thought you’d all like to know.
For if you try and away they go,
You all will be better for the weather will go.



T. A. Mennie

Gazing at the sky
The clouds drift by,
Blue sky showing though
White, gray, pink tinged from the setting sun.

Gentle winds blow
Clouds moving by
Night comes on the sweep of a cloud
The breath of the wind

Warm, tired
In need of being held
A soft caress

Lost, resting
Help me
Bring me
Release me

Dream, touch
Be my desire
I want what I cannot have
To float upon a cloud
Ode to a teddy bear

This night, lying upon the living room floor, is a dead teddy bear.
Stuffing everywhere, poor bear.
Misty found a hole, in that bear.
She tugged, she pulled,oh that poor teddy bear
Lying there, in his fourth of July wear.
Flat is that bear, his middle just isn't there.
Poor bear he is everywhere.
Misty, wanna play tug a war?

just one word

Have you ever noticed during a conversation, whether it is with one person or a room full of people.
When one word, just one, sends your mind on a downward spiral.
You do your best to keep your thoughts serene.
To keep them clean. But for some obscure reason, it is too late, you mind has started it's downward slide.
Now your task is to not let it show on your face, to, not choke on your drink and spray the person with hot tea or soda.
Soon you find tears running down your cheek. Staying in your seat is now a challenge.
Your mind slipped so low it is now fully ensconced in the gutter and filled with so many naughty thoughts that you dare not speak.

Your laughter has caught the other unsuspecting person off guard. They look at you are if you are from another planet.
You try to explain, but it is simply impossible. The more you talk the more risque your thoughts are.
The more you can see in your minds eye, the things you are thinking. The night is lost, you sit there and giggle to yourself, occasional tears running down your cheek.
Another word has been added to your repertoire for naughty thoughts.
Hollowing laughter spilling from your mouth, as more thoughts inspire you to more visions lurid and just plain funny scenarios .
You just cannot help yourself. Or maybe, I am only a dirty minded person who can't control herself. But I have such fun when it happens.I have embarrassed the hell out of my litter mates in the past. The women I belly dance with, our troupe has been together for almost 30 years. When I am tired, and doing the announcing at an event, I am apt to say just about anything. But, in my defense, there is one other in our group just like me on the microphone, maybe not a naughty as me.
The worst or best part, we LOVE being in front of an audience, saying whatever comes trickling down from our mind and out our mouth.
We are such fools sometimes, we have such a good time.
The comment from people is, "if you are like this sober, what can you possible be like drunk?
Our response, we don't drink, but we would undoubtedly be worse.

my thoughts for the day.