Friday, July 18, 2008

A to Z Dark Sire

Appealing demeanor strong forthright
Body ripe women swoon at your bite

Candle lit nights, hypnotic gaze
Desire succumb, eyes covered a haze

Ecstasy, breath, physical eruption
Feelings of lust fear of corruption

Gracious in public, a demon at dark
Hot to the touch, bite like a shark

I fight for my life, eternity unending
Jugular ruptured life at its ending

Knight with sword to joust and mount
Luscious in bed, hard to surmount

Man at one time now reigns supreme
None can compare so unreal a dream

Oh, how I quake at your cold breath
Partake of my body in a dance of death

Quaking, shuddering, shivering heat
Real, imaginary he makes me complete

Slaking the thirst a drought of desire
Terror in black, my haunted dark sire

Until times end, evil master of seduction
Visions of blood, war, death destruction

Weapons used to snare the unaware
Xavier practiced death and despair

You took that spark ignoring my plea
Zest for life you have stolen from me.

©Saroya Poirier 7/16/08

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