Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Demon

You think I cannot see you,
But I can.
Do not deceive yourself,
I can smell you.
Excitement, fear, a challenge,
Are you sure?
You think I will not?
You are so very wrong.

Come closer, I am here,
Can you feel my breath?
My hand down you back.
Claw’s what claws?
My laughter,
only you can hear me,
Don’t shiver, I don’t like that.

Are you worried?
Does my laughter bother you?
No, don’t move,
I haven’t given you permission to move.
I want you right there,
Just like that.

The rope? Hemp, of course.
Rough oh yes, just enough.
Too tight?
No I will not loosen it,
Just relax,
Why am I laughing?
You’ll see, in just a short while,
Now don’t move.
Aren’t you listening?

You don’t want to anger me;
I am not nice when I am angry.
I love the feel of a whip in my hand.
The weight as I swing it.
I love to watch the blood run.
What is that noise you are making?

I don’t like tears.
But yours I find fascinating,
Cry for me, now.
I can give you a reason to cry,
It will only hurt if I want it too.
And I want it to hurt, very much.
Ah yes, that’s it.
What blood?
Oh that, that’s yours.

Hello? Wake up,

I am not through yet.

©Saroya Poirier March 13th 2008

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