Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Lady and the Dark Prince parts 1 & 2

She stands on the battlements a lost and lonely figure.
Wind and rain beat against her, her torn chemise plastered
against her body hiding nothing, revealing all.
Her long black hair whipped loose of its red ribbon by the wind.
Body racked in sobs, tears streaming down her face.
Staring into the storm so confused, wondering how this happen.
That man violated her; he did force himself on her, he must have?
She needs to believe that this, none of this can be real.
She would never have consented to leaving with a stranger.
Let alone allowing any of the things he has done to her.
The marks on her body, the pain between her legs, she was a virgin, but no longer.
The rope marks on her wrists are proof that this is very real.
She cannot be such a wanton; these desires are inconceivable to a woman of her rank.
What are her chances of marriage now, who will want her?
Why did she did she go with him, why did she allow such liberties?
His touch, the look in his eyes, refusing him did not seem an option.

So many confusing questions, the feel of her body pulsing still with desire.
Quivering with pleasure she never imagined existed.
Her lips swollen from his mouth and press of his teeth,
nipples erect, sore, tender from the bite marks he left on her breasts.
Are her tears from the pain he inflected on her body, or from her own shame?
Where is she, how did she come to be here, on this lonely castle wall?
Her last memory is the dancing, the fine company, at her uncle’s home.
That tall darkly handsome man, with eyes as black as a starless sky, he was so imposing.
He seemed to appear in our mists, no one saw him enter.
The low conversation and fear of those around as he walked across the room.
He made his way directly toward her, as if there was no one else in the room.

She starts to scream, scream just in some slight hope of a savior.
Scream as if her life depends on it, and just maybe it does.

“No one can hear you.”

She feels him now behind her. Biting her lip, she turns to face him.

“Come away, I do not want you ill.”

He slides his arm about her waist, guiding her toward the door. He pulled her almost gently away from the crumbling walls. As they walk down the stairs his hand firmly around her waist, she begins to shake. The last vestiges of her bravery gone, her legs can no longer support her weight. As she starts to collapse, he lifts her as if she weighed nothing at all. He continues down the stairs and into that room. She cannot bear to look as they cross the threshold, the shackles on the walls, and the ropes on the newel posts. Her body is shaking uncontrollably in his arms.

His hands seem to burn her flesh where her gown is torn. She does not know how much more she can take. Instead of chaining her again, he stands her next to the bed then rips away the last of her chemise. Thinking he is going to have his way with her again, she tries to yank her arm from his grip. Pulling back the coverlet, he picks her up and throws her onto the bed. She screams, and then as the sound dies away she feels the weight of the coverlet on her body.

“Sleep, I will return”. He blows out the candles, and then with one last look at her shaking form, he closes the door.

Watching him leave the room then the turn of the lock, leaves her alone for now.
She lies naked, huddled between silk sheets, and the warmth of a down coverlet, she is lulled into a dreamless sleep. The first rays of dawn are visible over the mountain as her eyelids flutter closed.

She woke abruptly her body cold, the bedding roughly pulled away from her sleeping form. He stands at the side of the bed, night has fallen, what does the dark hold for her now. She tries to swallow her fear reawaken with his brooding presence.

“Get up.” His manner abrupt and forceful, her fear of him returns and she begins to shake.
There was but two choices for her, rise as commanded or cower naked in the bed and risk what, what would he do this time? Either way she will be naked in his presence. She rose painfully slow gathering what dignity she could muster. Eyes closed, head bowed, she stands quietly waiting for his next command.

“Come to me.” He moved to stand just in front of the shackles; she hesitates just long enough to see him takes a step forward. Fearing more pain, she begins to walk slowly across the cold stone floor. When she is near enough, he reaches out and yanks her against his body. Her still tender nipples become erect against the hardness of his chest and his open shirt. Her eyes closed, reluctant to look at him, he grabs a handful of hair, pulling head back. He crushes her in a kiss so hard it forces her mouth open. Chocking on his tongue, her eyes fly open looking directly into his. Dark black pools look back at her. As he releases her mouth, he smiles and runs a hand down her naked body. She shivers at his touch, but more to her dismay because her body responds to his touch. Muscles low inside clinch; she feels wetness between her legs.

This inability to control her body is humiliating. Breasts heaving with exertion, she tries to push herself away. He holds her in a grip as strong as iron. Yet he is barely hurting her. She begins to cry, she leans into him, he will not let go. She is defeated, he will do what he wants with her no matter how much she tries to resist. Feeling her resistance relax, he places her naked body against the chamber wall and shackles her wrists, leaving her ankles free for now. Taking a step back, he reaches out and runs one hand down the front of her body, stopping first at her breast, and then moving further down slipping his fingers between her legs; he begins to rub little circles about her clit. She tries to move away from his hand. He grabs her crouch and shoves her against the wall.

“Do not move I will not tell you again, or I will secure ankles.” She looks in to his eyes as he speaks, her own eyes getting wider as sees something she had not noticed earlier. His teeth, there is something wrong with his teeth. She begins to scream.

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