Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part 3 Lady and the Dark Prince

She must have passed out, but for how long, time seems to have no relevance here. Not even knowing how long she has been in this place, is it days, weeks, it cannot be longer. When during the flogging did she pass out? Last night the lashes across her body seemed almost gentle at first, sensuous even enticing. She remembers moaning not in pain but in pleasure in the beginning. Then he would stop give her small bites of food and sips of wine before continuing. Kissing and caressing her body making it tingle with shivers of delight, with desire for him. Her cheeks flame at the thought that she had enjoyed what he was doing and that she wanted him to continue.

Then, her eyes tightly closed against the memory, she can still feel the biting of the whip as he became more vigorous with each strike. It was as if he became angry, why was he angry with her, what could she have done chained to the wall to make him react that way? She remembers very little after that. Did he stop then or did he continue? Still suspended from the wall, she rolls her head forward and looks down at her body. There are tracks of dried blood over her breast; unable to see where she is injured she feels a stinging at the side of her neck. The dawning realization that he may be something other then human washes over her. She starts to tremble the fear is returning. Leaning her head back against the wall trying to control her breathing, she wonders if she will ever get out of here alive. Exhausted she cannot even call for help, knowing it would do little good, she sags in her chains. Silent tears run down her face.

A small sound from across the room causes her to look up, he is here reclining in a chair, a throne really, for at one time he had ruled this land. She remembers his saying this that first night in her uncle’s ballroom as all the Ladies fluttered about him. Now he watches her, his gaze sweeps over her and he smiles. His smile is frightening it promises not only pleasure but also tortures she cannot imagine. However, she could never have imagined being held captive and chained to a wall. Closing her eyes in the only way she can avoid his gaze. Then she feels a soft rush of air caress her body. She can feel him, he is standing close to her, and it amazes her how quietly he moves. Opening her eyes she lets out a startled yelp, he is inches from her face.

Her breathing is shallow, her voice a whisper, “why, why have you done this to me?” A small laugh escapes his throat, reaching forward running his fingertips down her arms. Then taking her face into his hands he leans forward and kisses her, a soft kiss unlike any of the others he has forced on her. She finds herself responding to his kiss, she ties to turn her face away but he holds her firmly in place.

“I no longer wish to be alone; it is you I have chosen”

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sjwilling said...

Very nice, Sayhora, looking foward to seeing the next instalment.