Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Ancient Soul

An ancient soul, mortal born
Lost his life on a wind swept moor
A century or two before you were born.

Wandering alone on a moonless night
Beset by forces from an ancient fight
They lay in wait, for you to pass
To claim your soul and eat your flesh

Fearsome things from long ago
Under the command of the old dead one
The old one died the night He was born
Leaving a new lord to command the horde

Now he is the Dark and evil Lord
He feeds on fear, your pain and lust
Be careful should he look your way
He will mark you for another day

He enters dreams, makes you scream
You will doubt your very own sanity
He is mist and shadow, hard to grasp

He is here, there, but never seen,
To see him will mark your death
So close you eyes, be downcast
Hold your breath and let him pass

Tall, dark he seems to fade
Into shadows night or day
He commands the hounds of hell they say
If you hear the howling come your way
Time to run I would not stay

He holds the chains of terror close
But smiles when he smells his foes
To loose the hounds on those he hunts
It is the game he desires most

Time to run, He comes for you.

©Saroya Poirier 2008

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