Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your Taste

I want to taste know your flavor
Crave your skin in my mouth
My tongue licking just there
The soft skin as my lips slide over
Lick under sip the salty nectar

Chest heaving moaning
I need more of you
Clasping you tightly
The smell of your need
The hot explosion to cum

Your hands across my skin
Sliding parting caressing
Your breath across a tender spot
Parting fingers sliding
Moaning for more don’t stop

The coming dawn, emptiness
Knowing you are but dream
Nothing real to hold, unbearable
Drawing into myself holding tight
 Tears of sadness upon my face

Where are you?
Can you hear?
Come to me


©Saroya Poirier       August 30, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End ?

The soul is shriveled, the body weak
Skin is withered, Time to seek

Has it come? Time to go
A new beginning or an end

Is there worry, Acceptance Then?
Thought provoking, Mind in chaos

Jumbled thoughts, Fear of what
Have you wondered? Or have you not?

Do you care?  Have you prepared?
Don’t give a shit Just don’t care!

How it works it matters not
It will be whether you like it or not

The time is near the time will come
Near or far down or up

We all end up in that place
No matter whom you worship or where at

Yell or scream you are right
They who are different must be wrong

One or many stay or go
In the end, you are just as dead

©Saroya Poirier    August 28, 2012