Thursday, February 28, 2008


Adrift in dreams

Lost, getting lost in the dream
Young, strong, in another time,
In another place.

Lost, alone, but not alone
My body fills with want, need, desire..
To be touched, caressed, kissed. such urgency,
Such need,for this I dream.

So subtly touch,
A feather light gliding of fingers across my skin.
Touching in all those soft and secret places.
A soft tingle that continues for hours,
Bringing to me want more,
Making my skin twitch, my breath catch.
To stretch and move, arch,
Sliding my body over the sheets.

But who, who will fill me up
Make me scream with desire
Who will build the fire that brings
My passion, unleashes my desire

Who will let me scratch and bite,
Take such time as I need,
Building to that point of no return
Bringing that eruption, so hot then so cold.
Spreading a limpness of body,
Collapsing in calming peaceful sleep,
Each night I dream him,
A different name a different look.. a different feel of him.

No man, every man, but what man
Where can he be, Whose arms hold me in dreams

©Saroya Poirier

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