Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Eye Lashes

It is winter and when you live in a cool to cold place you don’t usually shave your legs every day, every week or heck not even every month. At least those of us ladies who aren’t wearing dresses to work. What would be the point, you are in sweatpants or pajama bottoms, sweatshirt, sweater, something warm and cozy.


Then there is the day you step into the tub or shower and scream in horror, “it must be a full  moon tonight”.  Yep the legs were that hairy today, long black hair, Woolf.  So as usual I start my bath with a good book, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter # 11 Cerulean Sins.  There is at least two hours of reading or more depending what I have to do today, tonight, the doctor visit tomorrow.  After I know that like it or not I must stop reading for now the book is set on the seat of the toilet out of splash range. I proceed to wash the hair on head, then the rest of me, wrap my hair in a towel  then sit on the edge of the tub.


I hear eerie music in my head, grab lotion slather it on one leg, then take razor in hand and go to work.  I don’t rinse the razor, I back slide it, leaving a little row of black hairs.  Right leg done now onto the left leg.  Looking down at my handy work, my little brain goes click, I say “Oh”?   “Look at that there are eyelashes on my thighs”, little empty eye spaces all over my thighs…  Think Obsidian Butterfly book # 9 in the Laurell K. Hamilton series Anita Blake..

Saroya Poirier @ October 1, 2013

On my 10th read though of the series