Friday, June 13, 2008

Touch Me

Touch me
I find it hard to breathe when you are near.
Hold me
I thrill to your embrace nothing can compare.
Fondle me
I find it hard to wait, your hands make me shiver and quake.
Kiss me
I beg for your lips, my mouth trembles and aches.
Bite me
I scream and quiver at the feel of your teeth.
Suck me
I moan and cry out, please, as you hold me at bay.
Pinch me
I whimper, it hurts don’t stop, as you squeeze my breast.

Your tongue
I feel of the flick against my clit, I open you thrust.

Your fingers
I buck against your hand as your fingers slide in.

Your hand
I lay in anticipation waiting for the slap that stings my ass.
Your cock
I am ready body shaking, begging, fill me, slam me, make me.
Your body
I am complete within your arms sated and well satisfied.

©Saroya Poirier

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