Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lay With Me Tonight

Missing you where have you gone
The intimacy of conversation
The emotions you draw
Words that bring passion
Words full of lustful intent
Tales wet, wild, dark unknown

Lonely heart in the mists of time
Body wanting for company tonight
Alone in bed, desire undone unused
Heart unbound, unwonted, unloved
Warm bed, nights long without heat

The dark is my lover all things under cover
Touch desire, greedy with lust
Need for heat, wet scent of sexual love
Gripping thrusting, growling moaning
In my eyes no pleading just demanding
Know my heart, now hurry, welcoming

Bodies lost a lust filled embrace
Muscles tense demanding release
Bodies in motion, slamming deep
Come to me, come to my bed
Come hard, ready I am, let me lead
Burning heat, draining life
Come my love lay with me tonight

©Saroya Poirier

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