Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Phone Call

“Hello, HELLOOOO!”
“Anyone there?”
“What? Uh? OH??”

Heavy breathing moaning
Grunts, lip smacking
The sound of pounding

“Oh my a breather!”
“An obscene phone call!”
“Oh wait it has been so long,
Let me get my vibrator!”

Sound of feet running fading in the distance.
Drawers opening then slamming shut.
Sound of feet getting louder as they get closer.
Panting “Okay I am back just a second!
OH good you’re still on the line, thank you!”

“This is so exciting I haven’t had a breather since I was 22
OH shit, the batteries are dead just another moment.”
Drawers opening and closing, “Shit, where are they
Oh I see one, where is the other one, there, wrong size,
Be right back.”

Sound of running feet fading then returning.
“Okay start again, I am ready, well almost I have to pull my jeans down.”
The swish of a zipper then sounds of struggling, a grunt, “okay ready to go.”

“Louder can you breathe louder I can barely hear you?”
“Ouch, I pinched myself, no blood; okay ready again where is the button.”
“Is your cock big or tiny?” “Are you hard or flaccid?”
“If it isn’t big enough for me to hear the slapping sounds then this won’t work.”


“Um hello? Are you still there?
“He hung up? I don’t believe it!”
“Well isn’t that a fine howdy do.”

©Saroya Poirier 5/23/09

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pleasured Obsessed

Face up
Face forward
Face the future
Face the wall

Kneel down
Close your eyes
Open wide
No surprise

Lay back
Point your toes
Spread you knees
Then say please

Laugh wildly
Body shiver
Let it quiver
Tremor quake

Plead quietly
Beg implore
Needing more
Acquiesce yes

Tied up tied down
Strung up swing around
Get the whip raise it high
Swing it hard swing it low

Moan whimper
Scream implore
Exhausted peak
Exquisite fatigue

Breathless intrigue
Bruised in excess
Pleasure obsessed
Sensory success

©Saroya Poirier 5/22/09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pun, Obsessed with Sex

Obsessed with sex so complex
Sex is old, sex is new, flex your sex
Under, over, on all fours
Sex can be done out of doors

On the floor near the door
In the bed, foot or head
Abstinence is dead

Sex is fun shun your inhibition
Don’t get stuck doing the mission
Transitions submission no opposition

Ever had a musician?
How about an electrician
Or blown a politician?
Ah now how about a magician

Now see what I have done
Wrote a pun, pinched your bum
Surely I shall be undone
So hun, not to be outdone

Sex is older than dirt
Now come lift my skirt
I will make you squirt
How about dessert

5/13/09 ©Saroya Poirier

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it You?

A hermit am I
Hiding in my cave
Closing off the world
Shutting them away

I am kindling waiting for the flame
I am fire desirous of rain
I am earth waiting to be plowed
I am the moon full and round

Despair within my soul
Unease within my life
Filling needs of others
Mine own requests unmet

What am I but alone
What am I but unloved
What am I but throbbing want
What am I but unclaimed desire

Offering warm soft kisses
Arms to hold hands for caresses
Thighs hiding a moist entrance
Undulating pleasure awaiting


Is it you?

©Saroya Poirier 5/8/09