Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dark Cold Night

The Dark Cold Night

Cold settled over me in my repose
Unable to rise and find the cause
Body shivers fear crept near
Battering the corners of my mind
A gentle hand from nowhere came
Eased my rest held the dark at bay

Soothing my body to restful sleep
Warmth infusing to soften dreams
Reaching out giving pause
Gentle touch stilling breath
Wondering what would come next

My plea for unbroken sleep denied
I must appease the god of night
With dreams between dusk and dawn
The creeping nightmares come

I am dream not real it seems
I seek to find release in a touch
It is fear and pain that comes to me
Exquisite pleasure fills my dream
Gifts of a dark and powerful god

He haunts the midnight skies
In search of those in restless sleep
He sees the secrets that we keep
Things we try to hide inside
He knows our most frightening fears
Those things draw him near

It is our dreams he strives to own
Those who fear the dreams he gives
Turmoil of unconscious thoughts
Those who shake and scream in sleep
Until the dawn when he must part

Leaving in his wake, broken bodies
Disturbed minds scatter thoughts
Saved only by the light of dawn

Impatient always for the dusk
When he can hunt again
In search of those of restless, sleep
And a dark and powerful god

©Saroya Poirier 2008

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