Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dreams of a restless man

Dreams of a restless man

Dreams interrupted Body unstill, restless sleep
Driving companions away
She is there, on the edges of trance
Reaching out to soothe, offer solace
Almost touching, a hand outstretched
My wakefulness drives her back

Coming night sets my hopes afire
At the edges of my sleep,
Comes the sensation of her presence
Spells intertwined written in the air
She steps though the veil of Morpheus

Stretching above me
Covering me with her soothing aura
Her sweet breath against my cheek
Whispering words I can only feel
I ache for her touch, I dare not embrace her
I will not break the spell, nor chase away the dream

She begins to fade, the dawn is coming
I reach for her, she is gone
Only an hour has passed, sleep again eludes me
Rising from my bed, I do what I do

Dedicated to Lance

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