Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Smell

Sweet smell upon my finger tips
Offering of scent to insight bliss

A little taste my delights
On your tongue I place this night

Parting exposed tender flesh
An invitation for exquisite sex

Hand slips along silky thighs
Between soft flesh fingers glide

My lips warm against your chest
As I taste and inhale delicious scent

Each caress heightens desire
Elevating lust higher and higher

Together soaring to unknown heights
Warmth of candle light fills the night

Started with ambrosiac scent
From a secret place dark and wet

Invited to taste my sweet cream
As I taste your salty stream

Desire, pain, lust, moans and screams
Welcoming arms and midnight dreams

©Saroya Poirier 9/29/08

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A kiss leads to a nip
A nip to a lick
A lick to a suck
A suck to a fuck
A fuck to an OH
A oh to a wow
A wow to a Now
A now to a groan
A groan to a moan
A moan to sigh
A sigh to a kiss
A kiss to tongue
A tongue to a lick
A lick,

To start it all over again

Savage Beast

I spread for you my dark knight
I come to give you nights delight
Man of myth my moonlight beast
Your darkest desires I shall unleash

Wolf of legend in full moons form
Bring me wet craving more
Dark magic challenge then transforms
Under starless skies in a raging storm

Pentagram around the alter set
A circle of power frankincense
Fire burning sword in flames
Words of magic infuse your name

Search the jungle human made
Then mountain forest tangled glade
The shadow of your savage form
Nature’s unnatural carnivore

Not angel seed but demon maid
You think this only a masquerade
Before the sun rises in the east
Mate with me my savage beast

©Saroya Poirier 09/25/08

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am not fooled,
Rain is in our future,
I read it in the cards,
Saw it reflected in the mirror,
Looked deeply into a crystal ball,
Felt it in the winds of change.
Read it in the runes.
Cast the bones of old men,
Detected in the entrails of sheep,
Foretold in the cards,
Transcriptions in papyrus,
Told by the oracle of Delphi,
Reception of psychic impressions,
Saw its imprint in the stars,
Determined its destination,
Heard the sound of water,
Looked out the window,
My intuition flying,


Well maybe not today

©Saroya Poirier


Fantasy climax vivid Lost treasures of sex
No joy in feeling left
Sighs of deep despair
Needs unmet, my regret
Anger burns urge to hurt
Wake up foolish man
Your absence is my pain
Sensuous desires trapped
Now a search in vain
Whose desires to fulfill?
Mayhap it be yours
A passing glance
A masculine scent
Body prepares for sex
Strong demanding
Response pending
Urge to bite, scratch
Growling screaming
Now come now

©Saroya Poirier

Friday, September 12, 2008