Thursday, July 16, 2009


Slurp slurp slap
Manners lack
Straighten you back
Or comes the smack

Chin held high
Don’t touch the sky
Lifted breasts don’t protest
Mom’s know best

Mother’s teach
Mom speech
Sit up straight
Don’t be late
Clean your plate

Manners count
If you want to amount
Highs and lows to surmount
Don’t want mom to smack you round
Get your bottom off the ground

Manners now
Manners late
Manners invite
Manners get dates
Now don’t hesitate


Oh this is a silly thing
But true no less
No spitting no belching
No smacking lips
No picking teeth
Don’t scratch your ass
Don’t pass gas
Want a date, don’t be late
Wash your pits
Brush your teeth
Wanna kiss
Wanna lick
Here comes a manners smack
Don’t ask why this is here,
My mind has taken flight