Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fill Me

Enfold me in your arms
Entwine your fingers in my hair
Your breath upon my neck
Makes me quiver and sweat

Rake your nails across my back
Pinch handfuls of my flesh
Bodies taut like wire about to snap
Moans gasp deep jagged breaths

Bodies grinding against each other
Lick me, want me, satisfy my desire
Your teeth on my skin make me shiver
Brings me close, ram me hurt me

Hold me down hold me tight
Animal sounds explode from my throat
The more you touch the more I emote
Body quaking straining for your touch

Why so far away press closer near to me
Inconsolable wretchedness loss cruel
Need to feel your hard flesh shake my soul
Grasp you tight, impaled within

Complete when you are near
Wretched so far apart distressing depressing
Need to be fulfilled, frustration need
Come to me, I call thee feel, me obey me

Maniacal laughter pleasing to your ears
Do you hear, do you feel, come to me,

Fill me

Pleasure Desire Satisfaction
Ask not what you can do for me
Only know what I will do to you

©Saroya Poirier 3/11/09

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44 Summer Stories said...

That last stanza: wow. The clencher!