Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kiss me Here, Kiss me There

Kiss me here kiss me there
Put a kiss right just beware
With your lips slide down here
Kiss me anywhere

Oo ah kiss me kiss me

Oo ah fill me up

Oo ah you know what gets me

A little here a little more
Squeeze right just not to tight
Pull me hold me stay in sight
Kiss me anywhere do it all night

Ignite my passion show compassion
Controlled decent do not ration
Open my legs with a smooth insertion
Touch that spot now physical exertion

Kiss me hard, use your tongue
Now kiss my lips do it like this
Kiss in the back, around to the front
Now kiss my feet and come back up

Ah ah I’m going to come

Ah ah don’t stop

Ah ah spank me like a drum

I surrender when you’re done
I promise to eat you
Like a ripe purple plum

Yum yum

3/20/09 ©Saroya Poirier

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44 Summer Stories said...

Love the way you appreciate the man who appreciates you...