Saturday, January 17, 2009

to all those in the Cold

We’re having a heat wave
A tropical heat wave
Snow plows and mittens
The weathers below freezin

I'm sweatin in long johns
My socks are electric
It’s snowin in Hoboken
And frozen in Fairbanks

If this is a heat wave
Then I must be dreamin
My coffee was steamin
Now it's just freezin

I know when it summer
Hotter than hell here
I will be dreamin
Of snowmen and skiin

It’s hot in Las Vegas
Wet in the northwest
Here on the east coast
Our breathin is freezin

So I’ll just keep dreamin
Of tropical summers
Warm blue waters
Giant anacondas

No, that’s not right
This isn’t a dream
Turn up the heat
I can’t feel my feet

©Saroya Poirier

I wrote a little poem
A ditty maybe witty
A smile for those who are frozen
By this winters ice and winds
In the northern tundra
O’ the border in Canada
From Idaho east you go
Where snow blows stays more each day
Wrap up stay indoors
Do something to keep you warm
Sweet kisses Warm Hugs
Bodies warm much love
What do you do
When the cold keeps you at bay?

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