Saturday, January 17, 2009


A grave neither deep enough nor dark enough to hide
No place distant enough to feel safe, secure invisible
Never enough pieces of me to satisfy all
Needs greater than the sum of me, frayed edges
Ragged torn bursting to be free tied bound chained

Still, unmoving, no breath, yet they search me out
Night or day demand on me, nothing left to give
Needs theirs, mine holding back no response, tried
Pain emotional physical tears of frustration

Spinning tight unwound undone frayed
At the edge of a precipice undecided unsure
To long lost, to long used, to long afraid
Tired fears mine unnecessary destroyed

A hollow swirling emptiness unremarkably sad
Searching vibrations lamentations echoing inside
Static sharp painful refreshing comforting dark
Cocooning soft cushion enveloping blindness

Quietly lying under cover of darkness speak not
Sweet silence curled inside brings peaceful thoughts
Troubling thoughts numbing rest interrupted dreams
A grave neither deep enough nor dark enough to hide

© Saroya Poirier 1/10/09

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44 Summer Stories said...

Hi beautiful woman. You put a lot of energy into this and into your relationships. You are so beautiful.