Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tumultous Peace

I lie upon my fainting couch, hand against my fevered brow
Heart frantically beating within my corseted breast,
I wonder whom mention what to whom and when.
A social outcast shall I be, shunned by all whom I see,
If from heights I fall dashed on the rocks of Cornwall.
Will any see, prevent such as me from death in the deep dark sea?

I promised him my heart yet mention it I could not.
He promised me the world, lost to the turn of the wheel.
I promised myself to conceal this allusion from the world.
The holes were frayed the fabric of my heart torn to shreds.
Yet society knew not, time passed I did abstain.

Now observe you have drawn from me the thread of life.
You care not my love has fallen trampled upon discarded.
I was so sure it would never be mentioned life would go forth.
Yet here it is, words on the wind mentioned for all to hear.
Silken threads woven into the tapestry a life gone astray

Whom shall I turn to in my hour of need?
Who shall rescue me lift me up give life to such as me?
I am downcast now hidden away off to the countryside to stay
Locked in the tower until death has taken me
With only the call of the sea a bitter tumultuous peace.

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44 Summer Stories said...

Aww. May Ananke weave you a fine and glistening thread.